FSPilot : No posts for the next week !!!

Due to a passing of my dearest Mother there will be no posts for the coming week due to her funeral / traveling to and from Europe etc. Should be back on-line week Monday 26 June.

FlyInside : A Flight Simulator : Coming end of 2017 !!!!

Announced over the weekend  and slowly bits of info are seeping out is that FlyInside known for VR development for FSX & P3D etc. have announced what they say is a new Flight Simulator (Still has no

Fairchild C-123 Provider : VC WIP!!!

Over on the FSD forums contributor “Tankerguy72” has posted the latest WIP on the Virtual Cockpit for the Fairchild C-123 Provider project he is working on. Coming along nicely !!! Source : FSD Forum Post

Carenado : 390 PREMIER IA : FSPilot’s Screens !!!

The recently released Carenado 390 PREMIER IA has been taken up for a customer flight and we took the opportunity to take a series of screens that could help you decide if this is a purchase for

Carenado : 390 PREMIER IA Released !!!

Advised via a press release is the news of the release of the Carenado version of the  390 Premier 1A Executive Jet. Here are the specs and screens released by Carenado. (Important: This aircraft is only for v3.4

Milton Shupe : Beech D18S Amphibian FSX Beta Released!!!

Milton Shupe has released his version of the Beech D18S Amphibian for FSX in Beta 1. Took it up for a quick spin to take some screens. Nice freeware offering again by Milton.        Source


MP Design Studios have released their version of the Sikorsky S-55 for the FSX / P3d Platforms. The product is available via simMarket for 18 Euros. Link to sales page : Sikorsky S-55 Here are the specs

Freeware : Erick Cantu’s – Boeing 737-300/400/500’s now FSX native !!!

Originally designed by Erick Cantu under the Kittyhawk Studios and Vistaliners label, now available by Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations as FSX native models. Features 5 models, specular mapping, bump mapping. Virtual cockpit, sounds, panel aliased from the default

Justflight : Turbo Arrow III / IV FSPilot’s Screens !!!

A screenshot collection to give better detail of the recently released Justflight  : Cherokee Turbo Arrow !!! On the Ground (Non T-Tail Version) In the Air (Non T-Tail Version) Cockpit  (Both Versions) Liveries (Non T-Tail Version) On

Alabeo : PA22 TRI PACER for X-Plane Released !!!

Posted on the Alabeo Facebook page and main site is the news of the release of the Piper PA22 Tripacer for the X-Plane platform. More info via source link to product page. Source : Alabeo Tripacer product

Prepar3D : V4 Now available !!!

As promised Prepar3D V4 has been released as of 18:00Z today. Source : Prepar3D V4 product page

Carenado : 390 PREMIER 1A – Last Pictures Before Release !!!

Posted on their Facebook page are these screens with the title “Last Pictures Before Release!!!” So expect early this week !!!   Source : Carenado Facebook Page

Milviz : DHC2 Beaver FSPilot’s Screens!!!

Here are a sequence of screens taken whilst taking the new Milviz Beaver up for a spin. Should give you an idea of the quality of the modeling and textures etc. If your thinking of acquiring it

Justflight : PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV Released !!!

Justflight will be releasing the PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV later today. Owners of the previously released PA-28 Arrow should receive an email with a discount code for the new product. In any case the new product is

Aeroplane Heaven : Otter New WIP!!

Aeroplane Heaven via their Facebook page have released new renders of the Otter project as well as advising that it will be marketed via the Justflight label though Justflight still don’t have an in development product page

Milviz : DHC-2 Beaver Released !!!

Milviz have released the DHC-2 Beaver and a product page is now live for purchases. Price is on offer at the moment from US$39.99 to US$34.99 for a limited time. See source link for more info. Source

Aeroplane Heaven : P47 Texturing WIP!

Posted on their Facebook page are these renders of the detailing of the texturing for their upcoming P47 : Source : AH Facebook Page

Prepar3D v4 Release 30 May !!

Announced on the prepar3D site is the news of version 4 a 64 bit platform to be released on the 30 May 2017. Here is what they had to say and we quote : Lockheed Martin is

Aeroplane Heaven : DHC-3 Otter New Project !!!

Aeroplane Heaven are very busy these days and have announced another new project in the DHC-3 Otter. It will be available in Floats, wheels and ski versions, and will include military and civilian versions. Source : AH

Carenado : 390 PREMIER 1A – Coming Soon !

Posted on their Facebook page are these screens of the 390 Premeir 1A and the statement coming soon! That normally means a few days after the post so keep your eyes pealed!!! Source : Carenado Facebook Page