Alabeo’s : Cessna 400TT Corvalis – FSPilot’s Review!

Here is our review of the recently released Alabeo Cessna 400TT Corvalis. The pdf files can be accessed / downloaded at this link  : http://www.flightsimulatorpilot.com/CT400_Review.pdf We ...

Alabeo : Cessna 404 Titan – FSPilot’s Review!

FSPilot has performed a review of Alabeo’s recently released Cessna 404 Titan. Click on the image below to open / download the pdf document. Hope you ...

Justflight – Fokker F27 Friendship Review!

General Exterior Shots: Overall the shaping of the Fokker F27 has been well reproduced and gives a very good representation of the real machine. ...

Milviz : P38L Lightning II Review!

Milviz released an new version of the P38 lightning after a successful Red Bull release last year. This time they have released the P-38L Variant. FSPilot ...

Carenado : Hawker850XP – FSPilot’s Review!

FSPilot has performed a review of Carenado’s recently released Hawker 850XP. It is available in two downloadable formats : HQ pdf file can be downloaded ...

Freeware : Douglas F5D Skylancer by Rob Richardson

Over on the SOH forums is the news of the release of the Douglas F5D Skylancer by Rob Richardson for FSX. It comes complete with TacPack functionality, ...
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Justflight : Hawk T1 New Development!

At yesterdays Flight Sim 2015 held at Cosford, England, Justflight announced the development of a Hawk T1 and have opened a product page on their website ...

Carenado : Cessna F406 CARAVAN II Latest WIP!

Posted on their Facebook page are these latest WIP of the upcoming Cessna F406 CARAVAN II. Comments with the posting indicate that release is not far away. ...

Blackbox : Airbus Xtreme “Prologue” v0.85.0 Update Released!

Airbus Xtreme “Prologue” v0.85.0 Update posted on their Facebook page and also by customer email is the news of an update to the Airbus Xtreme ...

Carenado : Citation CJ2 : New WIP Shots!

Carenado have released new screens of the current WIP on the Citation CJ2 project and its sure a fine looking bird. The aircraft will feature Collins Proline ...

Prepar3D V3 Released!

As promised Lockheed Martin have released Prepar3D v3 more info and purchase at the dedicated site of Prepar3D “Download speeds could be low due ...

Prepar3D Version 3 – Available this Wednesday!!!!

Announced on the Prepar3D website is the news that the latest version of their product Version 3 will be available this Wednesday : Here is what they ...

Razbam : Brasilia WIP!

Posted on their Facebook page Razbam have released two new screens of their upcoming Brasilia in KLM colors. Here they are – Source : Razbam Facebook ...

Carenado : C90 GTX KING AIR New Project!

Carenado have announced a new project – the C90 GTX KING AIR for FSX/P3D. Its still classified WIP! but its looking great all the same! Here are ...

Cessna C425 Corsair/Conquest WIP!

Over on the FSDeveloper forum is a new render of the C425 Corsair/Conquest project under development by forum contributor ‘ louprouge ‘. No ...
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Aeroplane Heaven : Piper PA23-250 “Aztec” “D” Preview!

Aeroplane Heaven have now created a product page for their upcoming Piper PA23-250 “Aztec” “D”. Here are some of the screens and ...

Justflight /AH : dH 104 Dove & Devon Preview!

Posted on their Facebook page are these preview shots of the dH 104 Dove & Devon from Justflight / Aeroplane Heaven. Source : Justflight Facebook ...
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Alabeo C400 Corvalis TT Version 1.1 Released!

Posted on their Facebook page is the news of V1.1 of the Corvalis being released! Here is what they had to say : We quote NEW VERSION RELEASED (1.1) ...
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Just Flight / Aeroplane Heaven : Electra 10A : FSPilot’s Screenshots!

Here are our screens of the justflight / Aeroplane Heaven Electra 10A
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Alabeo’s Corvalis : FSPilots Screens!

Here are our screens of the recently released Alabeo Cessna Corvalis and she looks pretty darn sleek !! Enjoy ! ...


Advised via a press release is the news that the ALABEO C400 CORVALIS TT for FSX/P3D has been released : Here is what they had to say : We quote – Source ...

Manfred Jahn’s : Boeing C-97 V03 Complete package now available!

Manfred Jahn’s Freeware Boeing C-97 has just got better with the release of a six pack of different models which can be downloaded via the Sim Outhouse ...

Alabeo : C4000TT on finals!

What looks to be the final shots before release if the accompanying text has anything to bear Alabeo posted these on their Facebook page with this comment ...

Milviz : F-100D Progress Shots (WIP)

Milviz have posted these three shots of their upcoming F100D on the SOH Forums. Here is what they had to say plus the screens. A few Progress shots of ...
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