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Carenado : Navigraph PA46 Meridian Extension Pack Released!!

Avised via a press release is the new of a Navigraph extension pack for the recently released PA46 Meridian. Here are the Details : – We quote NAVIGRAPH PA46 MERIDIAN EXTENSION PACK FSX/P3D (just for 10 days

Happy New Year 2017 !!!

Milviz : Huey UH-1C FSPilot’s Screens !!!

Yesterday Milviz released the Huey Package consisting of the UH-1C and UH-1H. We shall do screens of both variants in different posts, this is post one, the UH-1C. Exterior Model : Ground Views Exterior Model : In-flight

Alabeo : Piper PA44 Seminole – FSPilot’s Review !!!

Welcome to our review of the Alabeo Piper PA44 Seminole for FSX and P3D. Features Steam gauges and G600 panels Flight1 GTN 750* integration Reality XP GNS530* integration (only for FSX) Alabeo G600 and GNS530 Takeoff run

Carenado : Cessna 525A Citation CJ2 Released!

Posted on their Facebook page is the news of the release of the Cessna 525A Citation CJ2. Here are the specs and the release screens form Carenado. Special Features Original ProLine21 systems:                 Primary Flight Display

Milviz : F-86F-30 TacPack Video Tutorial !

Milviz posted on their Facebook Site this Video tutorial for those having issues using the TacPack on their F-86F-30. We have embedded the video here for your convenience. Source : Milviz on YouTube

FSPilot Site Problems!

Dear Site Visitor Yesterday we experienced a technical issue which forced us to restore the FSPilot Site from a backup to overcome the problem. Unfortunately the backup was only up to the 8th January news pages. Posted

Alabeo : Cessna 404 Titan – FSPilot’s Review!

FSPilot has performed a review of Alabeo’s recently released Cessna 404 Titan. Click on the image below to open / download the pdf document. Hope you enjoy!

This one’s a drag!

Posted on the SOH forums and created by Rob Barendregt and Milton Shupe is the Pinto drag racer. A small diversion from flying but good fun! Here what they had to say in the post : We quote –

Dino Cattaneo’s – MB.326 More Teasers!

Posted over at SOH Forums are some new teasers for Dino Cattaneo’s upcoming MB.326 and it’s sure looking good. Source : SOH Forum post

Drzewiecki Design – UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X Released!

Drzewiecki Design have released their rendition of UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X. Here is the information about the product plus their demo video : UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X is a highly detailed scenery of UUEE Sheremetyevo airport in

Trains instead of Planes!

Here is a new Train simulation for anyone wishing to divert to a land based simulation during bad weather conditions. A diversion, but worth a look.  Could be a bit of fun! Here is the information and

SimWorks Studios – F-4B Phantom II WIP!

Continued progress is being made on the SimWorks Studios – F-4B Phantom II as can be seen on these news screens. Looks like we will have a great choice of Phantoms coming out soon what with this and

Orbx FTX – Two New Triple Installers Now Available!

Posted on their forums is the news of two new triple installer for existing products. As follows : FTX: AU YMML Melbourne International v2 Triple Installer The triple installer for YMML Melbourne International v2 is now available.

PCAviator – Massive Easter Sale!

PCAviator are holding a Massive Easter sale see below or visit PCAviator Here : Sale Pages

Colorado Springs Airport (KCOS) WIP

Over at the FSDeveloper forums is yet another scenery – Colorado Springs Airport (KCOS) WIP. Here  are the shots – Source : FSDeveloper Forum Post

Orbx FTX – PAYA Yakutat in P3D v2.1!

Posted on the Orbx FTX forums by Todd Harrell of the Orbx team  are some new shots of the upcoming PAYA Yakutat scenery and it sure looks different with the DX11 and lighting effects. Here is the detail

Orbx FTXVECTOR V1.2 – *Massive* improvement to NA

On the Orbx FTX forums John Venema has posted two images showing the difference on the upcoming Vector update. Here is the post. Source : Orbx FTX forums Bernd has shared with the team just a single

A statement from Quality Wings posted on their Facebook page gives an informative description of current project status as well as other issues : Here is what was written – Source : Quality Wings Facebook Page. QualityWings

Orbx FTX : Three more Australian P3D installers now available!

Posted on the Orbx FTX Forums is news of three more Australian P3D installers being available. They are : AU YWVA Warnervale Airport P3Dv2 Installer Now Available AU YSCH Coffs Harbour Airport P3Dv2 Installer Now Available AU