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MegaSceneryEarth – Ultra-Res Cities – Terminal Area for Chicago Released!

MegaSceneryEarth Press release : Ultra-Res Cities take MegaSceneryEarth realism to a whole new level with unprecedented native 50 cm resolution scenery for larger cities and Terminal Control Areas. This titles gives you the Terminal Area for Chicago, IL (shown by the chart link below) around 5,000 square miles of

Milviz – F-4E Phantom II VC shots!

Posted on the Milviz site is a 360º tour of the front and rear cockpits of their upcoming F-4E Phantom II and boy does it look great! Here are some stills from the tour : Tour Page

Alabeo C195 Businessliner FSX/P3D

On the Alabeo Facebook page : ALABEO C195 BUSINESSLINER FSX/P3D WIP Looks like Alabeo are getting close to releasing the C195 according to the comment on their Facebook Page. Here are the latest pics : Source : Alabeo

Razbam – Metroliner C-26 Surveillance version!

Razbam sims have posted on their Facebook page an image of the Metroliner C-26 Surveillance version! Here is what they say : We quote – “The Mexican Air Force C-26 Surveillance version, these 3 new models will be

Milviz F-4E Phantom II comes out of the dark!!!

Milviz have posted on their Facebook Page first clear images that the Phantom is well under way. Here are some of the shots! Source : Facebook Page

Orbx FTX – US Southern Alaska 11S Sekiu : WIP

Orbx FTX have posted on their Forums the first previews of a new scenery – US Southern Alaska 11S Sekiu Source : FTX Facebook Page More shots available via link at top.

Orbx FTX – Four sceneries updated!!

Today Orbx FTX have posted on their forums the updates of four sceneries to version 1.10 and they are. Download links are available on the posted pages. ——————————————————————————————————————————— PAEN Kenai 1.10 Patch Kenai Muni has been now

Milviz – MD530F Internals WIP

Milviz have posted on their Facebook page new WIP of the MD530F Virtual Cockpit, Looking good! Source : Milviz Facebook Page

Razbam Sims – Metroliner WIP

Razbam sims on their Facbook page have posted some more WIP shots of the Metroliner TP-88. Source : Razbam Facebook Page

Razbam Sims – A 26 Invader – WIP!

Razbam sims have been posting WIP update images of the A 26 Invader, showing the level of detail of this upcoming product. Looks nice!! Source : Razbam Sim Facebook Page  

Just Flight Confirm – Canberra PR9 release mid-February!!

Just Flight have posted this notice on their Facebook page and have also updated the product page on their site with the latest images and videos. Here is the statement from the Facebook page : We quote

Carenado – Phenom 100 Latest WIP!

Posted on their Facebook Page new images of the Phenom 100 WIP. Looking Close to release! Source : Carenado Facebook Page

Aerosoft – Thessaloniki X Released!

Posted on the Aerosoft forums : Thessaloniki X Released and we quote : “Thessaloniki X is one without a doubt one of the finest medium sized airports we have ever released. FSDG did an amazing job recreating this airport

Flightbeam Studios – KDEN WIP!

Flightbeam Studios on their Facebook page have posted a WIP image of KDEN for FSX. It’s Lookin Good!! Source: Flightbeam Facebook Page

Just Flight – DC8 – Pack2 WIP

Just Flight’s Alex Ford has released a couple of sneak peaks of their upcoming DC8 Pack2 on their Facebook page. Here is the post and we quote : “First peek at one of the models from our

CaptainSim – L1011 – FSPilot Magazine First Screens!

Captainsim yesterday released the L1011 pro line base pack and very kindly sent us a copy for review in a future issue of FSPilot Magazine. We couldn’t resist taking the L1011 up for a quick photo shoot

Alabeo – C172RG Cutlass II – Here our our first screens!

Alabeo have released today the Cessna C172RG CUTLASS II and they have kindly supplied us with a copy for review in a FSPilot Magazine future issue. To get you excited we have already done a quick flight and

Captain Sim – L1011 Tristar Released!

Captain Sim L1011 Tristar has been released here are some details : Source Captain Sim : L1011 Product Page Key Features: • Captain Sim quality and realism • 4X** high resolution textures of 11 popular liveries •

QualityWings – The Ultimate 737 Classic Collection WIP

Posted on their Facebook page QualityWings posted a WIP of the The Ultimate 737 Classic Collection in the colors of Southwest Airlines and boy is the detailing good. This Project was announced at the end of last year,

QualityWings – Ultimate 787 WIP but when will they release?

Posted on their Facebook Page one year ago were shots of the Ultimate 787.  The interior shots of the cockpit and virtual cabin were looking very impressive, but when will they release this beauty, that’s what we all