Monthly Archive:: March 2014

Razbam Sims – Brasilia – a small update!

On the Razbam Facebook page is a new image showing the main cabin door details, looks good! Source : Razbam Facebook Page

White Digital Simulations – Show off scenery elements !!

White Digital Simulations is a new development team that have promised some new generation scenery elements using HDX (High Definition eXtreme) which is to be implemented in all their future scenery releases. This new HDX will be used to

Aerosoft : Brussels International WIP !

Posted on the Aerosoft Forums are new WIP shots of the Brussels International project and its looking pretty detailed up to now. One to keep an eye on!       Source : Aerosoft forum post  

Orbx FTX : Open LC Norway !

These shots are around Norway using FSX and Global Base + Vector + openLC + FSGlobal2010 my weather is REX Direct 4.                 Source : Orbx FTX Forum Post

Orbx FTX : Open LC Finland !

These shots are around Finland using FSX and Global Base + Vector + openLC + FSGlobal2010 my weather is REX Direct 4.                   Source : Orbx FTX Forum Post  

Orbx FTX – CYSE Squamish, BC for FSX, P3D and P3Dv2!

Posted on their forums are new preview shots of CYSE Squamish, BC for FSX, P3D and P3Dv2 which is now ready for Beta testing. Here are the shots : All shots taken in Prepar3Dv2.2.1 utilizing a range of

Razbam Sims – Brasilia GPU!

As we correctly predicted on a post 25th March with the detailed GPU socket and radar shots which Razbam posted on their Facebook page, we said that this would indicate a possible GPU and low and behold

Orbx FTX – openLC Europe… Some before and after shots…

Posted on their forums by Rob Newman of the Orbx team are some openLC Europe before and after shots to whet our appetite. It sure seems to make some dramatic differences to the detail level, awesome! Here is the details

IRIS Sims – Pilatus PC-9/A WIP

IRIS have posted five news shots of the Pilatus PC-9/A on their Facebook Page which includes one exterior shot and details of the panel instruments and consoles. Source : IRIS Facebook Page

Alabeo – PS28 Piper Sport WIP Shots!

Posted on the Alabeo Facebook page and their website are new shots of the PS28 PIPER SPORT for FSX/P3D and its sure looking up to the camps high standards. From the shots it appears that the exterior and

Aerosoft – CRJ Last Livery Post!

Posted on their forums by Mathijs Kok who has also made this statement with the post “The last livery we’ll show” OK does this mean that the product is now almost ready for release or its the last

Milviz – Phantom II New Screens!

Posted on the Milviz Facebook Page are new screens of what appears to be a complete model probably in Beta , but nothing is being said. Perhaps this may sneak out to release quicker than everyone thought!

Flight Replicas Project Status!

As posted on the Sim – Outhouse Forums some updates on current WIP!  We quote :- Douglas C-47 formation First, as it’s likely to be the first released, the freeware 36 ship C-47 “Vic of Vics” ai

Virtavia – SP-5B Marlin for FSX

Virtavia have posted on their site information and screens of their latest project : The SP-5B Marlin for FSX and its looking good. Here is the information about the project and the latest screens! The Martin Marlin traces

Dino Cattaneo – Lockheed S-3 Viking WIP!

As many of you will probably know the Freeware developer Dino Cattaneo has a Lockheed S-3 Viking project in progress and if its anything like his previous releases its should be real good. Real life situations always interrupt the

Orbx FTX – openLC EU New Screens!

John Venema of Orbx FTX has posted on their Forums news shots and a small update on the progress of the openLC EU project. Here is what he had to say and a host of screens.  Source

Orbx FTX – Global Freeware Airports NA Pack 10 Released!

Posted on the Orbx FTX Forums is the news of a new Freeware Airports release now available for download : FTX Global Freeware Airports NA Pack 10. We Quote : – Source  Orbx FTX Forum Post Pack

Razbam Sims – Brasilia Close Up!

Razbam Sims today uploaded a new close up of the nose of the upcoming Brasilia giving us the insight that we will probably have a opening radome / possible animated antenna and an opening ground power receptacle

Prepar3D v2.2 Coming to a PC near you!

The Lockheed Martin / Prepar3D team have posted on their development blog some great insight into the upcoming V2.2 of Prepar3D which will shortly be in Beta tester hands. It has some very nice improvements and fixes.

Classics Hangar – FSX Bf 108 Taifun – Service Pack 2 released!

Service Pack 2 includes improvements and new features as well as some bug fixes. – New simconnect module fixes occasional crash on exit issues some users experienced. – Default Bendix 2d popup radio replaced with a new