Monthly Archive:: July 2014

Razbam Sims – Emb 120 Brasilia news!

Razbam Sims have announced that the Embraer Emb120 Brasilia will be available as a pre-release/paid beta. Here is what they have just posted on their Facebook Page – We Quote “We are getting the Emb-120 ready for

Carenado – Seneca V Released!

Posted on their website is the news that the Seneca V is now available for purchase. Here is the news. Special Features : Carenado G600 (with 3D knob technology) Cold and Dark start option Windows lighting scratches

Freeware – Fairchild 22

Found whilst scanningthe SOH forums is the news of a Freeware release of the Fairchild 22, and its not bad for a freeware offering. Check it out below and follow the link for download information : Download Info

Justflight – L-1011 TriStar Professional WIP!

Posted on their Facebook page and website are images  of the L-1011 TriStar Professional upgrade which Justflight has in production showing the virtual cockpit improvements plus listing whats to come, seems an interesting move to get the

Vertigo Studios – Spad VII- In sim shots!

Posted on their Faceook page are new imagesof their upcoming SPAD VII taken unedited in FSX. Sure looks nice! Source : Vertigo Studios Facebook Page

Razbam – SAAB 340 latest renders!

Posted on their Facebook Page are these renders of the SAAB 340 now looking more complete. Source : Razbam Facebook Page

Milviz – B-55 now for P3DV2!

Posted on their Facebook Page is the news of the Milviz B-55 now being available for P3DV2, see the news below : We quote “The P3D V2 of the B-55 has now been put up on the

Carenado – Seneca V – Last shots before release!

Posted on their Facebook page are the last screens of the Seneca V before its release so expect it very soon! Source : Carenado Facebook Page

Orbx FTX – Lake Tahoe KTVL – Final shots!

Posted on the orbx FTX forums are these supposed to be final shots of the area indicating that release is probably immenent. Looking very nice indeed! Source : Orbx FTX Forum Post

Aerosoft – Airbus – Up Close!

Here are some shots posted on the Aerosoft Forums showing the Airbus project “UP CLOSE” and looking excellent in its deatiling and quality of modelling. Enjoy ! Source : Aerosoft Forum Post

Razbam – Emb120 Brasilia WIP!

The Razbam Emb120 Brasiliais edging even closer to release with the initial paint kit now including the complete fuselage, fin and stabs, with just the wings and engines to be done and we will have the paint

White Digital Simulations – Project Update!

White Digital Simulations have posted new images of their up coming MBS International Airport (KMBS) Michigan. This development group have been releasing very detailed previews of the vegetation, trees etc. that will be used in and around their

Aerosoft – Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 WIP!

Posted on the Aerosoft forums images of Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 and it looks sweet thus far. Here are some of the images to see the rest follow the link : Source : Aerosoft Forum Post

CLS – New Project : A380-800 WIP!

Posted on their Facebook page is the news of a new project from CLS this time its the A380-800. Initial screens look quite promising. Rumoured to be an F-Lite line version which means a low level of system

Vertigo Studios – Spad VII Latest screens!

Post on their forums are the latest screens of the upcoming SPAD VII and it sure is looking great. Here are the shots  – Enjoy! Source : Vertigo Studios Forums

Aerosoft – Airbus A319 Latest screens!

On the Aerosft forums are the latest screens of the A319 due to be released soon (Summer 2014) Here are some of the screens  – Enjoy Source : Aerosft Forum post

TFDi – Boeing 717 WIP!

Posted on the TFDi forums are the latest screens of their B717 project. This tme its the VC that gets attention Source :  TFDi Forums

MegaSceneryEarth – Ultra-Res Cities – Minneapolis Released!

Informed via a press release is the news of the release by PCAviator of MegaSceneryEarth Ultra-Res Cities – Minneapolis/St Paul. Here is the news : Ultra-Res Cities take MegaSceneryEarth realism to a whole new level with unprecedented native 50 cm resolution scenery for larger cities and Terminal Control

Razbam – SAAB 340 more exterior shots!

Razbam ave posted on their Facebook page another set of screens for the SAAB 340 project. Now we have an almost complete airframe and she looks great thus far! Source : Razbam Facebook Page

Lionheart Learjet – Getting Closer!

Posted on their Facebook page are new images of the Lionheart Learjet. The model is almost fully tested and the last tweaks being implemented. Looking forward to this one. Here are the shots, enjoy! Source : Lionheart