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Lionheart Creations – Learjet Cockpit Night Shots!

It seems that Lionheart’s Facebook hint of a release of the Learjet was  somewhat premature and it didn’t make it to release on Friday as they were hoping. They have posted new night shots of the cockpit

CR1 – Do 335 – New Project!

Posted on their website is information of a new project namely the Do 335. Here is the information posted plus some renders :- CR1-Software FSX Acceleration prepared 3D model of the Dornier Do 335 Pheil! Full animations of

Lionheart – Learjet due today!

According to a post by Lionheart on their Facebook Pge the Learjet will be out tday. Here is what they posted yesterday evenin – We Quote – “The Lionheart ‘LJ24B’ is looking like it will be released

Aerosoft – A318/A319 Steep Approach to LCY video!

Posted on the Aerosoft forums and also YouTube is this great video of the upcoing A318/A319 product doing a steep approach into London City Airport Nice! Enjoy! Source : Aerosoft / YouTube

Warbirdsim – Bell P-39 Airacobra – Cockpit – new WIP!

Posted on the Warbirdsim Facebook page are new renders of their upcoming P-39! : Here is whay they saaid in the post. The P-39 instrument panels are filling up and the guns are in (still in need

Alabeo New Project : PA32 SARATOGA II TC FSX/P3D!

Posted on the Alabeo Facebook Page is the news of a new project – the PA32 SARATOGA II TC for FSX/P3D and its sure looking good thus far, exterior renders only. Here they are. Source : Alabeo Facebook

Orbx FTX – Two new triple installers released!

Posted on their Forums is the news of two new triple installers as follows : We quote : AU Canberra City Scape Triple Installer Now Available The Triple installer for FTX: AU Canberra City Scape is ready.

Milviz – MD530 WIP!

Posted on their Facebook Page is a new single image of the MD530 helicopter that they have WIP! Here is the shot: Source : Milviz Facebook Page

Lionheart Creations – Learjet WIP!

Posted on their Facebook page are new WIP shots of the Learjet and really progressing very well indeeed. Looking at the screens it shouldn’t be too long a wait now till the Beta and then release! Here

Razbam – EMB190 is a go!

Posted on their Facebook page is the news that the EMB190 is a really go and they also posted a couple of screens, but also an important note and we quote : “Boom..Emb-190..   Don’t get too excited

Carenado PC-12 FSX/P3D WIP!

Carenado have posted new screens of their upcoming PC-12 this time showing the interior as well as a couple of exterior shots. Have to say it look like yet another modelling masterpiece from the Carenado crew. Here

Video – Aerosoft Airbus A318 (beta) Landing @ SimWings Heathrow Xtended (beta)!

Posted on the Aerosoft forums is this preview video which encompasses Airbus Exteneded and Heathrow Xtended, again its carries a copyright notice and therefore for speed of posting for you to see we have posted here a

Aerosoft – Airbus Extended – A318/A319 Preview video!

A new preview video of this product was posted on the Aerosft Forum /Youtube. It contains a copyright notice stopping us from embedding it here without having to wait for authorization so we have posted a screen

MegaSceneryEarth – Ultra-Res Cities – San Francisco!

Advised via a press release is the news of  MegaSceneryEarth – Ultra-Res Cities – San Francisco being released. Here is the info : Ultra-Res Cities take MegaSceneryEarth realism to a whole new level with unprecedented native 50

Carenado – B1900 for X-PLANE 10!

Posted on their Facebook Page are images of the B1900 for X-PLANE 10. Here are te images : Source : Carenado Facebook Page

Eiresim – Kerry Ultimate now available!

Posted on their website and also FSDeveloper is the news that Eiresim have released Kerry Ultimate. Here is the product info and some Eiresim screens : EIKY Kerry is a small regional airport located in the South West

Aerosoft – Tromsø X – Night Effects WIP!

Posted on the Aersoft Forums are new shots of Tromsø X, this time its the night effects and it sure is looking very effective thus far. Here are the shots :- Source : Aerosoft Forum Post

Orbx FTX – New patches for FTX EU Regions !

Posted on their forums is the news on new patches for FTX EU Regions  : Here is the news : We quote – “We are pleased to announce that all the FTX EU Regions (ENG, WLS, SCO, NIR

Justflight – DC8 50 to 70 + Livery Packs Released!

Announced via a press release is the news that Justflight have today released their new DC8 50 to 70 series add-on to compliment te earlier 20 to 40 series. They have also released two add-on livery packs.

Razbam – Brasília – Goose Bumps!

Posted on their Facebook Page Razbam have issued new images of the Brasília with bump mapping. Here they are : Source : Razbam Facebook Page