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BBS : A330 / A340 Prologue FSPilot’s own screens!

As reported earlier BBS have released an update for all current registered owners of the A330 Prologue which has now been renamed the Widebody Prologue with the update now including the A340. Here are some shots taken

BlackBox Sims : A330 Update & More!

  Over on their Facebook site and also advised as a press release email is the new that BBS have released V0.80 of the BlackBox A330 Prologue which as they admit has taken some time to appear!!! An

Orbx FTX : FTX NA Southern Alaska (SAK) Service Pack 4!

Posted on the Orbx FTX Forums is the news of the release of another service pack for NA Southern Alaska (SAK) Here is what they had to say : We quote – SP 4 for SAK is

Carenado – Citation S550 SP1 !

On their Facebook page Carenado have posted the news of a service pack for the S550 Citation. Here is what they had to say : We quote – S550 Citation II FSX/P3D Service Pack 1 20150126 Fixes

Justflight – Socata TB-20 New Development!

Justflight have added to their In Development product page the Socata TB-20 that is being developed jointly with I.D.S Innovative Development Studios. Here are the posted renders : Source : Justflight product page

Sim Skunk Works PA-200 “Tornado” more WIP!

Over at SOH forums SSW have posted more screens of their upcoming PA-200 Tornado and its sure looking better with every screenshot release :  Here are the screens plus the comments that accompanied them. We quote –

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport WIP!

Over at FSDeveloper contributer ‘Sunayk’ has posted screens of Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport which he has under development. Here are his comments plus the screens : We quote I have been working on Sabiha Gokcen Airport (LTFJ) for some

Prepar3D v2.5 Development Update!

Posted on the Prepar3D website is a news article with the latest news on Prepar3D v2.5 Development. Here is the news and we quote : Requested Features and Enhancements Implemented in Prepar3D v2.5 We are currently finishing development on

Carenado S550 Citation II : FSPilot’s Review!

FSPilot’s review of the Carenado Cessna S550 Citation II is now available for download for offline reading. The review is available in two formats :- 1st : a PDF version which can be read using any pdf

Manfred Jahn’s : C-97 WIP!

Over at the SOH forum Manfred Jahn has posted two new screens of his c97 WIP! Here are the screens they speak for themselves, nice work as usual from Manfred! You can also see some nice videos

Justflight : Tornado WIP!

Hot on the heels of the release of updated screens of the SimSkunkWorks (SSW) Tornado yesterday, Justflight as we mentioned in our news are in development of their version of the Tornado and maybe this is a

Orbx FTX : FTX openLC EU 1.15 update!

Posted on their forums is the news of a FTX openLC EU 1.15 update. Here is what they had to say : We quote – A small update for openLC EUis available. This fixes the reported issue of missing

Lionheart Creations – New Project – The Blade!

Lionheart seems to be loving the experimental / concept / home built aircraft these days and has posted renders of yet another on their Facebook page. Its the Blade a electrically driven concept plane. The renders are interesting

SimSkunkWorks – Tornado WIP!

This could become a head to head with Justflight as to who produces the best product and launches first. SimSkunkWorks have posted new WIP of their version of the Tornado on the SOH forums. They say that

Carenado’s : Cessna S550 Citation II – FSPilot’s first screens!

We took the latest release from Carenado up for a quick spin and took lots of screens for you to get a clear impression of the quality of the product and the supplied seven liveries of which

Carenado : Cessna S550 Citation II released!

Carenado have announced the release of their version of the Cessna S550 Citation II which can now be purchased from their website product page (link below) : Here are the specs etc. Special Features Original Citation II systems

Majestic Software : Q400 PILOT edition Version 1.012 Released!

Majestic Software has released the Version 1.012 for the Q400 PILOT edition. Here is what they had to say – We quote : Fellow Aviators 2015 is here and most you have the one burning question –

Flysimware : MU2-B-60 Project Update!

What at first light looked like a new project from Flysimware is in fact the result of a project we first reported on back in October 2014 from a post on the FSDeveloper Forums. our news item

Milviz : Bobcat -Under Development!

Milviz have posted a single render of a new development project – The Bobcat. Judge for yourself! Looks like a very good quality exterior model! Source : Milviz Facebook Page

Carenado : Cessna S550 Citation II : Last Screens before release!

Posted on their Facebook page are what Carenado claim to be the last screens before release. Can’t wait for this release I’ve always liked this version of the Citation! Should be in the next day or so!