Monthly Archive:: June 2016

Milviz : Lear 60XR Exterior Renders!!

Hot on the heels of the VC render we showed you on Monday are these three renders of the exterior of the upcoming Lear 60XR. Hopefully it will advance at a faster rate than the King Air.

Abrams P-1 Explorer WIP!

Over on the SOH forums a post by contributor “gman5250″ of a new project he is working on looks really excellent quality thus far. He says its his first from the ground up project, well if that’s

Justflight : Canberra PR9 Service Pack 3.2 Released!!!

Via a press release Justflight have informed of an SP for the Canberra PR9 – SP3 is now available for current users via their purchase account. Here is what the update contains :- To download this update

Milviz : Lear 60XR

A single render on their Facebook page of the WIP learjer 60XR VC. Looking good, but where’s the rest of the aircraft at!!! Source : Milviz Facebook Page

Alabeo : PA44 Seminole – Very Soon !!!!

Posted on their Facebook page are these screens of the very soon to be released PA44 Piper Seminole, a fine looking Piper twin. Source : Alabeo Facebook Page

Carenado : Dorneir Do228 Getting Closer !!!

Posted on their Facebook page are these images of the upcoming Dornier Do228, looking very nice indeed, will be fun flying this little commuter. Source : Carenado Facebook Page

Virtavia : E-2C Hawkeye for FSX Steam Edition !!!

Exclusive for FSX Steam Edition Vitravia have released the E-2C Hawkeye. Here are the details and screens, why just steam we need a good one for FSX too!!! E-2C Hawkeye for FSX Steam Edition – Dovetail Games

Carenado : Beechcraft B350i King Air – FSPilot’s Review !!!

Welcome to our review of the Carenado Beechcraft B350i King Air for FSX and P3D. Features ProLine21 system featuring:                 Two navigation modes: VNAV and NAV                 Flight plan creation based on real procedures   

Carenado : King Air B350i Released!!!

The video below says it all. The Beechcraft B350i from Carenado is now available to place in your FSX hangar. Source : Carenado Facebook Page

Carenado : C208B Grand Caravan EX HD Series V2 Released!

UPDATED to VERSION 2.0!!! CARENADO C208B GRAND CARAVAN EX HD SERIES FSX/P3D IMPORTANT: -Customers should retrieve a new serial entering to their accounts at – “My Products” section (old serials are no longer valid). New Version

Aerosoft : A330 External Renders!

Posted on the Aerosoft forums are these three external shots of the upcoming A330, very nice detailing! Source : Aerosoft Forums

REX Announces : REX Sky Force 3D !!!

Using new technology and having reworked the FS weather system for nearly two years REX have announced via the video below REX Sky Force 3D which will apparently be a huge step in weather graphics for FSX,

Carenado : B350i KING AIR Latest WIP!

Carenado on their Facebook page have posted the latest screens of their very soon to be released Beechcraft B350i KING AIR. Going by the comment you can expect it any time now. Source : Carenado Facebook Page


The video says it all : Looking forward to this one in the hangar !!! Source : Alabeo Facebook Page

Prepar3D v3.3 Released!

Posted on the Lockheed Martin Prepar3D website is the news of the release of v3.3 of the sim. Here is the full article and we quote – Prepar3D v3.3 is available now! The Prepar3D v3.3 update brings