Monthly Archive:: October 2016

Justflight : Announce the Hunter F.6 / FGA.9!!!!

Posted on their website under ‘In Development’ a page has appeared promoting the devlopment of a Hunter F.6 / FGA.9. We quote :- “The Just Flight Hunter features the F.6 and the definitive machine, the FGA.9, modelled

Alabeo : ALABEO C441 CONQUEST II FSX/P3D : Coming Soon!!!

Alabeo have released a pre-release video of their soon to be released C441 CONQUEST II for FSX/P3D. Here is the video Source : Alabeo Facebook page  

Aerosoft : A318 Research Edition !!!

Announced via their forums by Aerosoft Guru “Mathijs Kok” is the news of a Research version of the A318, I will let him explain : We quote – At the end of this month we’ll release a

Creative Design Studios Announce : vEarth

Thanks to Jerald for the tip off on this one, must admit it flew under my radar. Watch the video and then check out more detail via the source link. Source : CSD Site

Flight Replicas : Canadair North Star WIP!!!

Posted on the SOH forums are these screens of the FR Canadair North Star thus far in its development. Look Great Source : SOH Forum Post

FSPilot’s images of the Meteor Storm of earlier today !!!!

As per our previous post you are now all aware of the release of the Justflight Meteor. We took her up for a quick spin and too these images which may help you decide this astral beauty.

Justflight – Meteor F.8/FR.9 Released !!!!

Justflight have today released their version of the Meteor F.8/FR.9, here is the info we quote :- This Gloster Meteor collection for FSX and P3D provides models of the F.8 fighter and the FR.9 fighter-reconnaissance variants, in

Justflight : BAC1-11 Updated!

Justflight have informed us via a press release that the recently released BAC1-11 has been given an update to resolve missing VC views and some other issues. Purchasers should have been advised by email and can download

Carenado : PA46 Meridian FSX/P3D WIP!

Carenado have the PA46 Meridian for FSX/P3D in progress and have shared some screens via their Facebook Page, here are the screens !! Source : Carenado Facebook Page

Freeware : Cessna U 206 G Soloy Mark 1 Turbine Pack !!!

Created by FSD /SOH contributor ‘TiAr’ this great quality add-on and considering its his first ever development, well in the future he could be up there with the likes of Carenado, who knows. A huge bonus for