Monthly Archive:: November 2016

Flight Replicas : North Star / Argonaut Released!!

Flight Replicas have released their version of the North Star / Argonaut : Here is the information from their website : We quote – “Canadair North Star Discover the challenges of flying one of the lesser-known yet

XPlane 11 Beta !!!

Laminar Research have released a Beta trial version of XPlane 11 which can be downloaded for free with obvious limitations. There is also an option to buy now for US$59.90 and you will receive all Beta updates

Navid’s Sky 2017 – WIP!!

Navid Hashemi has posted on the FSD forums some screens on his upcoming Navid’s Sky 2017, for freeware its a very good quality environment set : Here is what he had to say plus screens : We

Justflight : HS748 – Exclusive Pre-release Screens !!!!

UPDATE 24/11/2016 @ 13:00 GMT : Now oficially released !!! Original post 24/11/2016 @ 10:00 GMT Being part of the testing team for the Justflight HS748 it makes me feel good that the general public will very

MegasceneryEarth : MegaSceneryEarth Version 3 !!!

MegaSceneryEarth News Update 21 November 2016 The NEW MegaSceneryEarth Version 3 13 States Now Available For You To Enjoy The Most Realistic Flight Simulator VFR Flying Experience Possible CLICK ON A COVER FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK ON

Alabeo : Next Up Cessna 310 !!!

Alabeo have released initial renders of their next project from the Cessana family, that being of the Cessna 310. Images were posted on their main site under Incomings menu item and their Facebook Page. Source link is

Aeroplane Heaven : Javelin WIP!!!

Aeroplane Heaven have posted renders f the ejector saet for their upcoming Gloster Javelin and boy is it detailed!!! Source : Aeroplane Heaven Facebook Page


Magsoft have posted somr very initial renders og a Mexican airfield that they are developing. Just one hangar being shown but the detailing is pretty good, one to keep an eye on perhaps!!! Source : FSD Forum

Lionheart Sims : Proton Bullette WIP!!

Posted on the FSDeveloper forums is information / render etc of a new development from Lionheart, this time its the Proton Bullette. No more info than this but one to look out for in the near future

Orbx : LOWER pricing on 85% of Orbx airports!

A welcome news for those thinking of increasing their Orbx airport library. Here is the news as stated by John Venema of Orbx : We quote – Hello everyone, For some time now we’ve felt that there

Alabeo : C441 Conquest II FSX/P3D V 1.1 Released !!!

Alabeo have released V1.1 of their Cessna C442 Conquest II, here are the changes in the update :- Fixes: – Flap position indicator fixed. – Fixes an issue that causes pitch wheel not respond if you deselect

Justflight : HS748 Animations & Sound Video Preview !!!!

There is now a full product page on the Justflight Website featuring this video : Source : HS748 Product Page

Milviz : Bobcat Latest Alpha Textures !!!

Posted on the SOH forums are these three alpha texture shots of their upcoming Bobcat : Source : SOH Forum

AH / JF Hunter WIP !!

Aeroplane heaven are developing the Hunter for Justflight and here are some of the latest exterior screens (WIP) though the accompanying comment seems to suggest that relaese may not be that far away. “Hunters are getting closer”

Alabeo : Cessna 441 Conquest II – FSPilot’s Screens !!!

Released today was the Alabeo Cessna 441 Conquest II. We have taken her out for a quick spin and are posting FSPilot’s Screen here: Alabeo Cessna 441 Conquest II Exterior Model : As always with Alabeo the

Alabeo : Cessna 441 Conquest II Released !!!

Advised via a press release is the news of the release of the Alabeo version of the Cessna 441 Conquest II. Here are a few of the screens and details of the product. More to be found

Prepar3D : Hotfix for V3.4 Released!!!

Lockheed Martin have released a hotfix for Prepar3D to V3.4 : Here are the details we quote : “The Prepar3D team is excited to announce the first Hotfix update to Prepar3 v3.4 ( It can be downloaded

Cerasim : AS365N3 Released !!

Posted on their website is the news that Cerasim have released the AS365N3 Daupihin and she sure looks nice, here are the details and some screens: We quote – Cera AS365N3 The AS365 N3 belongs to the

Carenado : PA46 Meridian WIP!!!

More WIP Screens of the upcoming Carenado PA46 Meridian for FSX/P3D via their Facebook page : Source : Carenado Facebook Page

REX Worldwide Airports HD : Released!!!

REX famous for their Weather packages have released REX Worldwide Airports HD. REX Worldwide Airports HD is an extensive photoreal global airport graphics package created from real-world airport structures and supporting environments. These environments were authored from