Monthly Archive:: March 2017

Carenado : PA-31T Cheyenne FSPilot’s Screens !!!

Hot after release we bring our series of screens of Carenado’s latest baby the Piper PA-31T Cheyenne. Enjoy !! On the Ground : In the air : In the Cockpit : The Cabin : Liveries :  

Milviz : F16 Maybe!!!

Milviz have posted a single render of an F16 on their Facebook page with no info if its a new project they have undertaken. There is a link to a video but its been deleted by the

Carenado : PA31T CHEYENNE II Released!!!

Carenado have released their rendition of the Piper PA31T Cheyenne II. Can be bought via the source link to the product page. Here are the specs : Features Carenado GNS530 with Reality XP integration option. Original autopilot

Virtavia – Convair XB-46 Released!!!

Now appearing on their website as being released is the Convair XB-46 from Virtavia. More details of how to order via the source link. Here are the specs : – Convair XB-46 for FSX Back in 1947,

Milviz ATR 72-600 – WIP !!!

Milviz have poste a new WIP of their upcoming ATR 72-600 on the SOH forums. Now has doors modeled. Here is the render – Source : SOH Forum post

Blackbox Simulations : SA Bulldog – FSPilot’s Screens!!!

Last week BBS released the Scottish Aviation Bulldog V2 and we took her up for a quick spin and snapped a few screens at the same time. The sim model is very nice indeed and flies very

PMDG : At last – DC-6 Cloudmaster for FSX&P3D !!!

PMDG have transitioned the DC6 Cloudmaster from XPlane over to FSX & P3D. The project is now in Beta testing and some tweaking is still being undertaken. They have posted the following screens over on their AVSIM

Aeroplane Heaven : Curtiss SB2C Helldiver WIP !!!

Posted on their Facebook page are the following WIP of their upcoming Curtiss SB2C Helldiver. Very good progress thus far : Source : Aeroplane Heaven Facebook Page

Aeroplane Heaven : Curtiss C-46 Commando !!!!

Aeroplane Heaven have disclosed that they have the Curtiss C-46 Commando in development and these renders sure look great. One to keep an eye on !! Source : AH Facebook Page

Scenery : Multan X OPMT

Over at the FSD forums contributor ‘SimArc‘ have posted screens of a payware project that they are creating. No pricing or release info at this time. Here are the related screens from the post. Source : FSD

Just Flight : To distribute Simworks Studios F-4B/N Phantom !!!

Just Flight have announced that they will be distributing the Simworks Studios F-4B/N Phantom : Here is what they had to say – We quote – We’re pleased to announce an upcoming project that’s due out the

Just Flight – 20th Anniversary Celebratory Pick & Mix Deal !!!

Just Flight have announced a 20th Anniversary Celebratory Pick & Mix Deal Here’s what they had to say : We quote – That’s correct Just Flight have reached 20 years in the Flight Sim business.  We’ve seen

P-3C Orion WIP !!!

Over at the FSDeveloper forums contributor ‘mskhan1991‘ who was developing an Alouette III helicopter has now ventured into something a little larger a P-3C Orion and boy does it look great, well the exterior model at the

Justflight : New Project – PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV !!!

A natural new project from the Justflight team is the PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV. Differences in the model from the recently released PA-28R Arrow III are not that great meaning the release should happen sooner rather than

Freeware : MV-22B Osprey Released !!!

Over at the FSD forums contributor ‘Kalong’ has released a freeware MV-22B Osprey and its very nice for freeware. Check out these screens we captured during a short flight. More info and download links via the source

Milviz T38C – In the Paintshop WIP!!!

Milviz have posted some screens on the SOH forums with some house paint WIP from the Paintshop. It even sports a metallic fake paint effect, very nice. No Info yet on release but she certainly looks like

Milton Shupe : New Projects Under Development !!!

Over on the FSD forums contributor and renowned freeware developer Milton Shupe has posted new of current projects he’s working and they are : We quote – “I have three projects in progress; the A-20C/D and P-70A1/A2

Carenado : PC12 Now V2!!!

Posted on their Facebook Page is the new s that the PC12 has now been released in V2 : See info below : We quote – CARENADO PC12 HD SERIES FSX/P3D UPDATED to VERSION 2.0!!! IMPORTANT: -Customers

Sikorsky S76 : Almost there !!!

Also over at FSD by contributor ‘euroastar350‘ is a Sikorsky S76 model which now appears to be close to release according to the latest posts. A fine looking model that the helicopter fliers among us will certainly

T-346A WIP !!!

This project over at FSDeveloper has been chugging along since 2014, but developer ‘SixGhost’ has recently posted some new renders which I thought I would share with you. There is no doubt that the project is slow