Justflight Announces Eurofighter

An all-new Eurofighter is coming soon for FSX and Prepar3D – Download and Boxed editions will be available!









Detailed Description

  • Accurately modelled using real-world aircraft plans
  • Signature delta wing configuration faithfully reproduced
  • Fully animated and functioning elevators and flaperons, including computer-controlled automated flaps
  • Functioning leading edge slats, forward position canards and air brake
  • Retractable refuelling probe, controllable from the virtual cockpit
  • Authentically detailed and fully animated landing gear
  • Working engine nozzle vanes and afterburners
  • Animated braking parachute and tail-hook
  • Fully detailed cockpit with animated pilot
  • Ground equipment includes wheel chocks, pre-flight flags and engine covers
  • Switchable Ground Power Unit and cabling
  • Complete set of ordnance with descriptions, safety cones and perimeter
  • Six accurate weapons/ordnance load-outs, selectable from the virtual cockpit MFD
  • Realistic afterburner/re-heat effects












  • Fully functional, accurate MFDs:
  1. Checklists for engine start, take-off and landing
  2. Systems overview page
  3. Engine monitor page
  4. Hydraulics systems monitor page
  5. Fuel systems monitor page with selectable tanks
  6. Load-out page with six selectable mission load-outs
  7. Functional forward-looking infrared radar (FLIR) screen
  8. Waypoint navigation screen
  9. HSI/HUD navigation page
  • Centre MFD displays fully functional, militarised GPS
  • Centre HUD binnacle displays radio and autopilot information, radio frequencies, fuel states and engine N1 data
  • Collimated HUD with three switchable states:
  1. Navigation/HSI mode
  2. Target acquisition mode
  3. Target scan and shooting mode (realistic simulated pipper and target box)
  • Radio MFD on right console displays Nav and Comms (standby and active), transponder and ADF frequencies. All are switchable using authentic push-buttons
  • Functional autopilot with heading, track, altitude and speed hold modes
  • Switch panel for controlling lighting, avionics, ground power, on-board power, refuelling probe and fuel transfer, starters and more
  • Throttles with in-built fuel cut-off switches and auto-reheat functionality
  • Control stick can be toggled for a better view of the centre MFD

A layered paint kit is included.
Professionally recorded sound set

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