Carenado releases King Air B200 SP1 Patch










-Traffic alarm is disabled by default.
-Traffic alarm sound signal now is a slightly lower.
-Aircraft start showing auxiliary tanks indicators.
-Aircraft winglets disabled by default.

-Added a new internal sound set (optional) with a louder engine sound from the cockpit (no cockpit noise reduction system).FIXES:
-Carenado GNS530 included.
-General aircraft information added.
-Master Caution light now operative on co-pilot side.
-Master Caution lights don´t turn on again to warn about the same event.
-Pressurization system fixed.
-Transponder, ADF, GNS and Reality XP GNS530 click spots improved.
-Course needle on the co-pilot’s HSI now indicate correctly between 340 and 360 degrees.
-Some annunciator panel lights indicator fixed.
-Other minor bugs corrected.

This patch is only needed if you downloaded your existing copy before 5th November 2012 09:30 UTC

Source : Carenado

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