G.K.S F111 Aardvark released

The F-111 is one of the greatest aircraft ever designed. It is mostly known for its swing-wings and “dump & burn” fire show. First drafted in the early 1960’s by General Dynamics, the F-111 Aardvark, despite its weird animal choice for a name, was a widely used strategic bomber at its time. The aircraft took its first flight on December 21, 1964 and was brought into the in July 1967. The early F-111’s had some design imperfections, but once the F-111E came to the surface (on 20 August 1969), all of the previous conflicts were fixed, and the Aardvark became a highly useful aircraft for many years.











G.K.S have launched the above aircraft in both a standard and Collectors edition. Check it out at their homepage : http://f111-fsx.com/









Collector’s Edition Features

  • Additional collectible liveries and paint schemes
  • The expanded functionality of weapon control system
    (in the Standard Edition weapons can be installed by presets only)
  • Paint kit – (PSD files) allow you to create your own variations of paint schemes.
  • Wallpapers – set of 10 HD images that will decorate your desktop.

Four High Resolution Posters


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