Milviz : More Super Sabre Screens!

This is torture, the screens being released by Milviz of their upcoming F100 Super Sabre are gorgeous and making me salivate. Simply can’t wait for this to be release and according to Rick at Milviz he mentioned the following on the SOH forums and we quote –

“With each aircraft MV is pushing boundaries. IMHO this will be one of the finest aircraft packages to be released for FS. I just tested a revised FDE with refined envelope characteristics. I wont talk about what is included but i and another tester were very impressed. Study. Find a manual online and read it. I cant really say much more because of NDA and i don’t speak officially for MV, nor would i want to. It’s Colin’s company and Kat will give you the low down at some point. If you like the phantom you’ll like the HUN. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that i wish you could be privy to. MV really does strive for excellence. So many times were so close and Colin will say we have to get it precise as we can. The other guys who are devs are so talented and take all our sometimes repetitive bugs and feature issues and really come through with ground breaking solutions. So while i Haven’t really said anything about the HUN I hope you can appreciate the dedication they have to this niche craft. MV is craftsman quality mixed with engineering precision.!”

Source : SOH forum post