Freeware : TDS Boeing 727-100 Released!

Encountered in the Downloads library is a new freeware release by TDS. Namely the TDS Boeing 727-100 Base Package. The Package comes with all the available engine variants for the type, each sporting the original Boeing 727 prototype livery. There are no real custom cockpit files with this package and it uses a default 737-400 default gauges etc for aircraft cockpit. The model itself looks very nice and well detailed where necessary. Go to, File Library, New Files to download. Here are the screens :

Fltsimpilot 1 Fltsimpilot 2 Fltsimpilot 3 Fltsimpilot 4 Fltsimpilot 5 Fltsimpilot 6 Fltsimpilot 7 Fltsimpilot 8 Fltsimpilot 9 Fltsimpilot 10 Fltsimpilot 11 Fltsimpilot 12 Fltsimpilot 13 Fltsimpilot 14 Fltsimpilot 15 Fltsimpilot 16 Fltsimpilot 17 Fltsimpilot 18

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