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Carenado : 390 PREMIER IA : FSPilot’s Screens !!!

The recently released Carenado 390 PREMIER IA has been taken up for a customer flight and we took the opportunity to take a series of screens that could help you decide if this is a purchase for your exec fleet !!! As usual from Carenado there is no questioning the quality of all the modeling both inside and out. As for systems etc well it is a modern flat screen cockpit and all the electronics works as you would expect. After all it is an exec jet and the pilots have a not so heavy workload with all those displays and computerized controls. Here you go……

Here is a link direct to the Carenado product page : 390 Premier 1A Product page.

On the Ground :

In the Air :

The Office :

The Cabin :

The Liveries :

End :


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