FlyInside : A Flight Simulator : Coming end of 2017 !!!!

Announced over the weekend  and slowly bits of info are seeping out is that FlyInside known for VR development for FSX & P3D etc. have announced what they say is a new Flight Simulator (Still has no final release name as such). The official site (Click this Link) has only a single page with few details and a subscribe to info box. (I filled in the box but no emails have arrived after two days, also no acknowledgement when you hit the subscribe button).

It claims to be able to take advantage of the latest PC core technology whilst still able to be set for lower end PC’s and Laptops.

Plus – we quote : “High quality photo-scenery, layered with buildings, trees, and world objects. An advanced atmosphere simulation. Huge draw distance. Your flight simulator never looked this good”

One thing that did ring a good note was the comment and again we quote ” Compatible – Load hundreds of existing aircraft from FSX.”

Plus the following. More quotes – ” Open – No overbearing EULA. Add-on developers can create, sell, and give away third-party aircraft, scenery, and plugins. Unique in-game editor for flight dynamics, scenery, and materials – faster turn-around than ever before.”

So this seems to be a sim that will accept FSX add-on aircraft and with the comments in the Open info it would seem very probable that developers may have an easier time adapting their FSX stuff to this new sim. Will be interesting to see if its 64 bit and how it will really be different in performance to FSX.

Some screens are appearing on this locked forum page (Click this Link) and also this open page (Click this Link) We have posted the current screens here for you to see :-

Something to watch for all current FSX users. If it can use FSX aircraft out of the box its a big bonus.

Still much depends on the graphics and features it offers compared to that of P3D V4 and the new Dovetail Sim.

The important key will be is it 64 bit !!!!!

Will watch this with interest.




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