WebSimConnect 2.1 released !!!

Over on  the FSD forums is the news of the release of WebSimConnect 2.1. Here are the details : We  quote :-

I am pleased to announce the release of WebSimConnect 2.1 software framework for FSX/P3D add-ons. Major changes compared to 2.0 version are the following:

 added Prepar3D V4 x64 support
 Installation program that setup the engine and installs the examples.
 WebSimXML, a new component that allows to render HTML5 content as an CustomDraw Element in the XML gauge allowing to build XML gauges with some HTML5 content. It also enables the developers both to write in XML some JavaScript code executed on the HTML5 element, and write XML statements in JavaScript. The HTML5 element can also be interactive and responsive to mouse events.
 WebSimSocket, a new component that enables bi-directional communication between FSX/P3D and a web page opened on external browser. You can manipulate HTML5 content using either XML or C++ and from JavaScript you can execute XML code or call your C++ functions. All communication is done using websocket protocol. No more http. Web page is listening to events coming from the sim rather than querying it like in http.
 updated WebSimData component allowing to use the framework with no C++ coding.

The new architecture is depicted below:


and detailed overview is in the attached PDF file or can be downloaded from here:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/l44x8ta23kx33k0/WebSimConnect Overview v2.1.pdf?dl=0


WebSimBrowser setup – the engine of the framework:


WebSimConnect examples setup:


The examples include:

 Opaque 2D gauge window with HTML5 content
 Transparent 2D gauge window
 3D embedded gauge in VC
 HTML5 content as an element in the XML gauge
 Manipulating HTML5 content through C++ code
 Manipulating HTML5 content through XML code
 Using WebSimData configuration to send data from the Sim to HTML5
 Using WebSimData to send data from the Sim to externally browsed HTML5 content
 Using WebSimSocket channel and executing XML command from the JavaScript code.
 Using WebSimTexture to render dynamic textures with HTML5 content.

The details how to run the examples are in the attached overview document. With the installation programs it is now easy to see the demo in action. Just run it and select Beech Baron 58 (WebSimConnect) aircraft. All examples runs well on FSX, P3D V2, V3, V4, with exception that WebSimTexture is not supported on FSX (it uses P3D PDK and DX11)

The full SDK with examples source code and documentations is not yet released. It will be in fe days.

The framework is free for non-commercial use.

Enjoy, Marcin

 Source : FSD Forum Post