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Carenado : Turbo Commander 690B – FS Pilot’s Review!

Welcome to our review of the Carenado Turbo Commander 690B for FSX and P3D.

Carenado GNS530 with Reality XP integration option.
Original autopilot installed.
HD quality textures (4096 x 4096).
Volumetric side view prop effect
Dynamic propeller shines effect.
Real 690B Turbo Commander sounds.
Customizable panel for controlling windows transparency, instrument reflections and static elements such as wheel chocks and sights props.
Real behavior compared to the real airplane. Real weight and balance.
Tested by real pilots.
Realistic night lights effects on panel and cockpit.

This aircraft does not have a 2D panel.
Reality XP only works in FSX. It does not work in P3D

*Flight1 GTN 750 and Reality XP GNS530 are sold separately

Special Features
Full FSX, P3D v2, v3, v4, and Steam compatible.
Flight1 GTN 750* integration
Reality XP GNS530* integration (only for FSX)
Carenado GNS530
Cold and Dark start option
Volumetric side view prop effect
Takeoff run and landing real rolling movement effect
Dynamic propeller shines effect.
Cold and Dark start option
Custom brakes sounds on taxi and landing run
Over torque failure simulated
Hide/unhide copilot feature
Hide/unhide pilots option when aircraft is shutdown

Included in the package
6 HD liveries.
1 HD Blank livery
690B Emergency Checklist PDF
690B Normal Procedures PDF
690B Performance Tables PDF
690B Reference PDF
Avidyne Multifunction Display PDF
Carenado GNS530 PDF
Recommended Settings PDF

Technical Requirements
Windows XP with SP3 installed, Vista or 7 (32 or 64 bits).
Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX with SP1 and SP2 (or Acceleration Pack) installed or Lockheed Martin – Prepar3D Flight Simulator v3 or v4 or FSX Steam Edition.
i3 processor/3GHz or similar
Minimum 2GB RAM (Recommended 4GB RAM)
512MB graphics card.
1.2GB available hard disk space

INTERNET CONNECTION is required for installing this product.

Walk Around :

These views show off the very well defined features of the Carenado Turbo Commander 690B. The modeling of this twin engine aircraft is as usual is to Carenado’s very high standards for smoothness and detailing. All open-able doors have well defined cutouts, smooth animation and show no signs of bleed when closed. Internal detail in the baggage bay is well defined and nicely detailed. Panel lines and rivet /screw detailing is very nicely done through textures and bump mapping. All textures are very well mapped and show almost no signs of texture misalignment, stretching effects etc. Textures are very crisp even when on high zoom factors.

Close ups – In-flight

These close up In-flight shots further enhance the effort made by the modelers to reproduce this aircraft as accurately as possible, every image is full of the detail, including the landing gear and flying controls all of which have smooth animations and don’t interfere with local structures. Even the static wicks balance when the engines are running. Great effects.

Internal detailing – Including Instrument panel, cockpit and pax cabin :

The same level of detailing is on the inside of the aircraft as well with both the cockpit and main cabin being highly detailed with excellent texturing. The cockpit, instrument panel, gauges, levers, switches etc. are beautifully modeled with crisp textures even at high zoom factors. Crazing on the perspex of the windows is evident as the sun picks it up during turns, great effect. Functionality of the instrumentation is very good with all operating as expected, including navigation instruments etc. The small door windows on both sides of the cockpit can be opened. Both control columns can be individually hidden. All in all a very nicely recreated cockpit and cabin.

Liveries Supplied in addition to all white:

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