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Milviz : Beaver – Major Update and expansion pack released!!!

Advised via a press release Milviz have advised that their Beaver product has been given a major update and they have also released a separately purchasable expansion pack. Here is the information as provided by Milviz – We quote :

Major Update :

We would like to inform the fS community that we have completed a major product update for the DHC-2, plus, we have a major announcement to make.

This update adds a number of fixes, features and improvements, such as a new option in the MVAMS utility to allow for selection between a pointed and rounded propeller spinners, and adverse aircraft behaviour if landing on water with the amphibious floats with the wheels extended.

One significant change is that the exterior textures have been fixed in regards to symmetrical uv mapping issues where elevators, ailerons and parts of the wing struts were mapped on to the same uv space. This meant that painters weren’t able to put words on them or paint camo patterns. The good news is that this has been rectified; unfortunately the bad news is that all repaints will have to be redone.

We recommend a full uninstall of the DHC-2 prior to installing this version. Anyone whom has purchased the product direct from Milviz will have received notice of this update.

Expansion Pack :

As for the announcement… We are releasing a very extensive expansion pack for the DHC-2, which includes straight floats, a STOL wing mod kit, and a version of the DHC-2 with a fully functional crop duster. This expansion brings the total number of DHC-2 variants to 11! The expansion pack is a separate purchase, with a regular price of $14.99. However, we are giving all current Beaver owners whom purchased directly from us a $5 discount on the expansion pack for the next 30 days, bringing the price down to $9.99. A discount code has been sent to all current owners of the beaver product.

Learn more about the expansion pack here: http://milviz.com/flight/products/DHC2EXP/

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