Aeroplane Heaven : DUNKIRK SPITFIRE !!!!

Posted on their Facebook page are these renders of a new project “DUNKIRK SPITFIRE”. Here is what they had to say, plus the renders : We quote –

In May 1940, F/O Peter Cazenove was flying Spitfire Mk1 P9374 over the beaches of Dunkirk, as the British Expeditionary Force made its desperate escape from German occupied France. Flying his first combat mission, Cazenove’s Spitfire was hit by a single bullet from a Dornier bomber.

Forced to find somewhere to land, Cazenove guided the stricken Spitfire down to the Dunkirk beach and crash-landed on the waterlogged sands. Taken Prisoner, Cazenove was destined for imprisonment in Stalag Luft III , Made famous for “The Great Escape”.

His Spitfire was left to sink into the wet sands of Dunkirk and remained there, intact until 40 years later when portions of the aircraft re-emerging from the sand alerted locals to its presence. P9374, after all those years was still amazingly intact.

American billionaire Thomas Kaplan purchsed the remains and had the machine restored to its current condition – perhaps the most authentic restoration of a Spitfire ever undertaken.

Once more gracing the skies over the English Channel, P9374 joins the growing ranks of Battle of Britain veterans returning to flying condition.

Sadly Peter Cazenove died before seeing his Spitfire returned to its former glory.

We are delighted to announce our tribute to this Spitfire and all Battle of Britain Spitfires with this all-new model.

We have had a Spitfire in our inventory for nearly 17 years now so this new development is very fitting both as a tribute to the Battle of Britain veterans (September 15 is Battle of Britain Day) and of course in time to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force in April 2018.

This, without a doubt, is our most faithfully authentic rendition of a Spitfire with enormous amounts of minute detail, meticulously researched and accurate features and is beautifully rendered using all the latest 3D modeling and graphics techniques.including PBR workflow for incredibly realistic textures.

We will continue posting updates on this important release so watch this space! You’re going to love this one!

Source : AH Facebook Page