FlyInside Flight Simulator : Latest state video !!!

As we reported back in July this year FlyInside Flight Simulator is promising to be a new platform Simulator which will be compatible to existing add-ons for FSX etc, Its been relatively quite from them as they seem to only post news via their website, Today we visited the site and there is now their first video (See embedded video below) of in sim action, plus a Q & A relative to what to expect in the initial early-access release which is planned for November 2017.

From the Q & A we can see:
1. A 64 bit platform.
2. Its modeled for VR, but it also looks beautiful on a monitor too.
3. Beta testing is well under way.
4. Early-access release which is planned for November 2017.
5, The early access release will include 10-15 aircraft, user customable weather, an engaging flight model, complex aircraft systems, and scenery for the entire USA.
6. The early access release will also support a large number of third-party aircraft.
7. The simulator will include a variety of high-quality aircraft, including general aviation planes, WWII era aircraft, military aircraft, and jets.
8. When the simulator launches in early access, it will cost only $25-30. The price will then increase with each major update, reflecting the new functionality included. Anyone who bought the simulator in the past will receive these updates for free.
9. They are open to suggestions and comments. You can take a survey or comment via email.
10. FlyInside Flight Simulator will provide options for users to convert and import existing aircraft.
11. FlyInside Flight Simulator represents a completely open platform, good news for developers.
12. You will be able to purchase FlyInside Flight Simulator through their website, and it will also sell via Steam and the Oculus Store.
There are some other items which are more related to developers and commercial items.

Source : FlyInside Flight Simulator Website