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Manfred Jahn : Boeing B-50 Freeware !!!!!

Manfred Jahn has recently released his ‘Freeware’ version of the Boeing B-50 Superfortress and boy is the exterior model impressive, equaling the high quality of his KC-97. Manfred offers this aircraft again as Freeware, what a guy !!! Here are screens taken by us with a link direct to the download at Sim Outhouse (You will need to login to access the download)

Note : The VC is basic as described by Marc below, but if you have the Virtavia B-29 you can merge them together using the info from SOH forum contributor ‘fsafranek on post #18 of the source link.

Here are Manfred’s comments from the SOH forum post. We quote :

Hi all, the dirty deed is done. The B-50 Superfortress has been added to the Warbird’s Library, check the New entries.

File size is 148 MB.

Note, a basic paintkit has already been included in folder EXTRAS.

Any comments and suggestions most welcome.

Now for a word from Beta tester Marc:

Greetings to all simcaptains!

This is just to let you know that we are well aware that we still have a long way to go. What started for me with a few hints and suggestions turned into a time-consuming adventure and I´d never complain about that – in fact I remember a few events when I answered something on a turnaround between two flights in real life.

Every available video on YouTube about the B-50 and B-29 was analyzed, books ordered and read, hundreds of web pages checked for information. If you´re planning to do a long-range flight, I´d encourage you to check the internet for yourself and listen to all the stories around it. I got the impression that there are more different load outs of this aircraft than planes build.

Some record-breaking planes, such as Lucky Lady II, which is included in the upload, were pure flying fuel tanks, others were stripped of their weapons or used as tankers to provide fuel for the next raid. Even the POH leaves a lot of space for interpretation! It was a war machine and during wartime, limits are sometimes … well, flexible.

Why am I writing this? There will be complaints about the fuel capacity, the load out, fuel consumption, performance and probably 100 other things and I tell you right now: YOU ARE RIGHT! A lot of sources have variation in those numbers and in case of this version, the team chose an average fuel load and an average performance that will be become more accurate as soon as the project develops further in time.

A plane that dropped bombs on a special flight had probably much more ammo than the one that monitored weather in the Caribbean and so on. If you read about an attack with a maximum bomb load of 20,000 pounds, they probably did not travel with full tanks or flew at 40,000ft – at least not right from the beginning of the trip. And no, Lucky Lady II didn´t carry bombs or .50 cal ammo on her trip around the globe! Maybe someday we will have a dedicated A-version, a D-version, a tanker, a spy plane, a wx-observer… we’ll see … hopefully by then we will have a real VC to go with it, too ;-). In the meantime, I do hope you can enjoy the plane as it is right now.

Cheers, Marc

‘Team 50’ – models, textures and Monitor gauge by Manfred Jahn, sound set by Ted Wolfgang, research, testing and tweaking by Marc Roth. Flight dynamics based on the ‘generic’ C-97 design originally created by Wayne Tudor (RIP).

Download : SOH (Login Required)

On the Ground:

In the Air:


Source : SOH Forum Post

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