Nemeth Designs : Back on the Block !!!!!

Nemeth Designs have posted news of their return after quite a long period since their last release the BK117 back in 2014. The new project are the Bell 407 for P3DV4 and the Mil Mi-24A (Hind-B) for FSX/P3D, here is what they had to say plus the in-sim screens. (WIP)

Bell 407 for P3D

After a long break Nemeth Designs would like to share a few screenshots of our newest project, the Bell 407 for Prepar3D V4. No exact release date yet but will happen sometime in Q1 of 2018.

This was an abandoned project that we were planning to release for FSX but we felt that the steam was going out from that platform so we let it rest for a while. Based on that old engine P3D introduced several very interesting new features including the long due graphics upgrades, performance tweaks, implementation of advanced helicopter flight engine and a lot of necessary fixes for bugs that menaced the old FSX platform.

The Bell 407 will come with 4096×4096 HD textures, full P3D V4 comapibility, more variations including law enforcement that will feature render to texture screens for its surveillance systems. Also, we want to release it for FSX Steam Edition but of course some of the newest features will not included in that.

Mil Mi-24A (Hind-B) for FSX/P3D

We would like to announce another new project for FSX/P3D that we have been working on for some time. This is due to be released around Q1 2018 as well.

We are planning to implement weapon system simulation for this helicopter but the concept is not entirely sure yet. Probably we will release it first without functional armaments and later release working weapon systems as free update for the P3D version if we see that there is enough interest for it.

Source : Nemeth website