Freeware : Cessna U206G Soloy Mark 1 V3.0 is now available !!!

The news of this release on the SOH forums download site (login required) was posted in parallel on the FSD forums where the following news snippet and screens were taken, we quote :-

Link to SOH download page – FSX, P3DV3 version – (Login Required to download)

From FSD forums :

FlightPort Cessna U206G Soloy Mark 1 V3.0 is released at Simouthouse in library. For FSX and P3D V1+/V2+/V3+ and for P3DV4+ as a separate native version.

What is new in V3.0?

It contains all six models of V2.0, but with a lot of improvements. And the great repaints of Rafal “YoYo” with 4096 HD textures, too.

Alexander Metzger has reworked the airfiles – and the engine parameters of the Allison 250-C20S were very realistically integrated into the model.

The ground/flight idle switch (throttle_set) now has function (important for engine handling). Adjusted manual and automatic engine start. The starter switch MUST be actively switched off again after starting the engine, otherwise the throttle lever has no function.

Important: XMLTools for FSX or P3DV3 must be installed to get a realistic engine behavior. Only with this you can start the engine without having trouble, e.g. the unrealistic preclosing (hot start bug) has finally come to an end. Please see readme and manual in Custom model folder.

Also new in short:
– Fuselage and wings reworked and new textured
– new floats with animated control wires
– Function Propeller control lever new
– Function Fuel Cutoff lever new
– new and improved display of the engine displays
– DME Avionic built into the VC.
– fixed misleading information for setting the fuel cut-off lever in the checklists

Cessna U206G Soloy MK1 Custom V3 is the base model folder. You need it to display all other models correctly. A new repaint kit V3 is available as separate download (see FSX Other or P3D-Addons).