Simworks Studios : F-4B/N Phantom II V1.3 Update Released!!!

Simworks Studios have released V1.3 of their F-4B/N Phantom II add-on . Here is the update list. Update is available through the sales point you purchased from.


General changes

– Included vLSO 1.0.1 with permission from Serge Luzin

– Full integration with vLSO 1.0.0 and newer

F-4B/N Phantom II

– Added TacPack compatibility for P3Dv4

– Added Carrier ILS functionality

Carriers Extended!

– Improved keyboard response in all CEX menus

– Added support for new CEX TACAN and Carrier ILS

– Added NAVAIDS menu entry, showing frequencies for currently loaded ships/facilities

– Modified carrier launch sequence. The shooter now signals you to run up until you hit the launch key. Then the shooter indicates launch and the plane is shot.

– Increased visibility limits of OLS datum lights

– Improved deck tractor driving physics

– Added Fleet placer utility

— Removed CEX statics support from carriers placed as scenery, or spawned with other placement apps (i.e. AI Carriers) in order to support more advanced features

— Option to save parking spaces

— Spawn ship formations and direct them

— Warp to deck: select any aircraft or helicopter capable ship and warp to a parking position on their deck

— Saved flights on AI Carrier: any carrier spawned with Fleet Placer is saved with your flight, so you can start on it the next time you enter the sim

— Improved station keeping AI

— Shortcuts for Fleet Placer menus

— Open Fleet Placer menu: Shift+Ctrl+S

— Show position of ships: Shift+Ctrl+P

— Aircraft Configuration App

— Added CEX support for the Payware F-35 from IndiaFoxtEcho and the MilViz F-4S Advanced

— The following presets are auto-applied upon running

— SimWorks Studios F-4B/N

— MilViz F-4J/S (standard & advanced*)

— RAZBAM A-7 TacPack edition, A-7 Vol.1,2,3, A-6 Intruder

— Virtavia A-4, E-2, AJ-2, F11F, F4D, F3H, A-6E, EA-6B

— Alphasim RA-5C, A-3B*

— Aerosoft F-14A & B

— Dino’s F-14, S-3,F-35 (freeware & payware), T-45

— FSX Blue Angels F/A-18C

— FSXA F/A-18C

— SOH S-2 Tracker

— VRS Superbug

*May not work 100% accurately due to limitations

Source : Press Release