Freeware : Cessna U206G Soloy Mark 2 V4.0 Released !!!

Now available via the SOH forums website is the latest revision of the Cessna U206G Soloy Mark 2 (Version 4) developed by Thomas Roehl. This is a very high quality Freeware product which you can download on the SOH forums (Login Required).

Here is the update list : We quote –

Description: V4.0 Cessna U 206 G Soloy Mark 2 Turbine Pac for FSX and P3DV1…V3. (Not for P3DV4 – separate native version availiable).

Complete new package. Important: XMLTools for FSX or P3D must be installed to get a realistic engine behavior.

Please read readme/manual.

Included are six different models. (Passenger, skydiver, float and transport) and 17 repaints.

What is new in V4.0?

– New Airfiles adapted to the Allison 250-C20S engine.

– 3D-Integration of the G500/600 glass cockpit. Switch on/off via configuration window.

– VCRain front panel effects.

– GPU with function and sound.

– Now models can be installed outside the simulator. (Or other hard disk place)

– Reworked sound system.

– Missing panel.cfgs using F1 GNS or RXP GNS.

– Info to build in RXP GTN instead of F1 GTN.

Thomas Roehl,