Nemeth Designs : Bell 407 Released !!!

After about a two year absence Nemeth Designs have released a new product, namely the Bell 407 for (FSX/FSXSE/P3D). Price is US$35.00. Here is the Blurb from their product page and some screens. We quote :-

The Bell 407 is a four-blade, single-engine, civil utility helicopter which is widely used for different kinds of roles all around the world, such as corporate and offshore transport, air medical services, law enforcement and electronic news gathering.

It uses four blade rotor with composite hub that was developed originally for the US Army Kiowa Warrior. The Bell 407 uses a single Rolls Royce/Allison 250C47 turboshaft engine that provides more takeoff power, higher operation altitude and better high temperature performance than its predecessor, the Bell Jetranger 206 which it was originally developed from. Its normal cabin configuration can provide space for two crew members and up to five passengers and can be configured with various avionics layouts according to the required roles.

Nemeth Designs Bell 407 features the standard corporate cabinĀ setting with three avionics configurations.

  • Highly detailed exterior and interior models
  • Ultra HD textures (4096×4096)
  • 10 liveries
  • 3 exterior configuration
  • Sliding rail and normal cabin door options
  • Support for multiple platforms*
  • Fully animated exterior and dynamic virtual cockpit
  • Custom 3D gauges and instruments
  • Next gen rain and windshield effects**
  • Custom HD sound system
  • Realistic system operations
  • Realistic but easy to handle flight dynamics
  • Custom green instrument cluster and gauge lights
  • Digital navigation system options with air traffic indication and basic flight plan management
  • Fully animated 3D gauges and interfaces
  • 3D render to texture surveillance system and attitude displays***
  • PDF manual and in-fligh kneepad checklist
  • Paintkit

Source : Nemeth Bell 407 Product Page