Just Flight : Cessna 152 V1.2 Update released !!!

Just Flight have inforned us that their recently released Cessna 152 has been updated to V1.2. Purchasers should be informed by email, if not just login to your account and redownload the current version. Here is the list of fixes etc. (We quote)


– Improvements to night lighting

– Small gaps around some gauge bezels – fixed

– Magneto selector/ignition can now be controlled using magneto increase/decrease assignment

– Numerous FDE improvements, including:

  • Pitching caused by flaps increased
  • Lateral imbalance caused by only one pilot reduced
  • Angle of minimum drag adjusted
  • Pitch up with throttle increased
  • Gear compression values adjusted
  • Wheel rotation speed fixed

– Slip ball tube – texture fixed (now white)

– Elevator trim wheel now offers finer level of control

– Low voltage light now illuminates briefly on engine start

– Aircraft registration placard now illuminated correctly at night

Source : JF press Release