Freeware : Lockheed Jetstar Project !!!

Announced on the SOH forums by contributor “gman5250” is the news that he has formed a team to take over an on hold project (Lockheed Jetstar) originally being developed by a team headed by developer James Goldman.

The new team was formedĀ  to help complete the original teams work and at the request of James Goldman, the project will be released as freeware to the community. Here is what ‘gman5250’ posted on the SOH forum post, plus the highly detailed renders of the current state of the project: We quote:-

“I am very pleased to announce that the FSD Lockheed Jetstar by James Goldman is alive and well. The project has been handed over to me after some quiet negotiations behind the scenes, and it is my honor and privilege to be managing the completion of this work.

At the moment the project is very far along, but much work needs to be done to update the model for FSX, P3D and P3Dv4.

Jim had put out the call for volunteers a couple of years ago, but real world considerations left the project in a holding pattern. As of this week we have tentatively assembled a team to handle the poly bending, paint work, flight dynamics and flight testing. I am still very much in need of a qualified gauge programmer for the VC which is fully modeled and very comprehensive.

This is going to be a long term project and will take some time to re-boot, but I thought this airplane should have a dedicated thread where we can share progress and updates with the community. The team, including the original developer, will be following the thread so we will welcome questions and comments from everyone. That said, let’s everyone enjoy the process and watch this iconic corporate jet evolve with the help of this talented team.


Highly detailed exterior model with 4K textures, bump mapping and specular files

Full Virtual Cockpit with period correct gauges, navigation and avionics.

Fully detailed and animated cabin.

Stuffed Teddy Bear included at no additional cost.

PBR texturing throughout the aircraft interior.

Wheel chocks, service ladders and GSE

TFDi Design TrueGlass in the VC and cabin.

As per Jims request, this will be a freeware and gifted to the community as a gesture of thanks from Jim and his original team.

That said, let me get things started with a few initial shots of the airplane in its current state of development. I think the pictures speak for themselves.


Source : SOH Forum Post