Wing42 : Lockheed Vega 5 [EARLY ACCESS]

New developer Wing42 have released their first product in an “Early Access Version” Here is the info from their site regarding the early access version which will cost 25 Euros full price to be 45 Euros. We quote:

Wing42 is proud to present the latest extension to your Flight Simulator fleet: the Lockheed Vega 5! The Vega was a highly successful airplane in its time. It was flown by pioneers, daredevils, used by airlines and other corporate companies. We are bringing this legend of an aircraft to your Flight Simulator!

Why Early-Access?

We decided to develop the Lockheed Vega very closely with the flightsim community. We want to make the Vega an unforgettable product that brings enjoyment to you for a long time in the future. By purchasing the Vega now, you will get full access to the aircraft in its current state and of course you will be eligible for the full version as soon as it’s released! And because you backed this project right from the beginning, you receive a massive discount on the product.

With this purchase, you can immediately take her for a spin and check out the numerous features of this addon. We want to encourage you to criticize, make suggestions and help us hunt down those nasty bugs. In short: be part of the development process! We will be releasing updates for the Lockheed Vega continously and with these updates, the price of the Vega will gradually increase to reflect the added features and the hard work that goes into the product. So the earlier you get on board, the more of a bargain you make!

Features : Current stand: version 0.03.2 (03-JUN-2018)

Listed here are some of the features you can experience in the current build of the Aircraft. Please note that the list is by no means complete and some of the mentioned features might still have some issues. You can find a list of missing features and known bugs in our forum.

3D model
state-of-the-art 3d model with hand crafted and highly detailed 4k textures throughout the aircraft.
Flight model
Super-realistic flight dynamics and aircraft performance.
Ground equipment
Fully functional ground equipment like wheel chocks, battery cart, passenger stairs, fuel drums, etc.
Payload manager
Functional payload manager integrated with the ground equipment. The ground crew will first install all necessary equipment before loading the aircraft.
System simulation
Extensive simulation of various of the aircraft’s systems with more in the works! Working examples:

  • Customized barometric system, simulating every component. I.e. Static port, alternate port, pitot tube, selector valve, vsi, asi, altimeter.
  • Electrical system, running independant of the sim. Real physics calculations of voltage and current of all electrical components. Includes a working(!) fusebox with working(!) spares.
  • Realistic vacuum system, based on real-world physics. Components include an engine-driven pump, venturi tube, the plumbing and connectors, vacuum source selector, pressure relief valve (with simulated spring forces), real-physic gyros in all vacuum-driven instruments, etc.
  • Engine vibrations with calculated frequencies and amplitudes depending on the various conditions of the engine.
  • The 8-day-clock actually needs to be wound up at least every 8 days to keep the time.
  • Fully functioning and responsive wobble pump.
  • Instument needle physics: Every single needle on the instrument panel moves based on individually calculated physics.
You’ll find the aircraft exactely how you left it. Except for the battery that might be drained if you left on the lights.
Great Animations
We take great pride in the custom animations of all parts of the aircraft. You’ll experience the airframe shaking when starting the engine, loose parts will vibrate, and the handles in the cabin will swing with the movement of the aircraft.
Intuitive Interaction
Use the mouse as you would move your hands in the cockpit. While simple switches are still operated with a simple mouse-click, we took great care in providing you an immersive experience with the controls. The real-world wobble pump was operated by moving the lever continously forwards and backwards – to operate the wobble pump in the Wing42 Vega you click the lever and drag it forwards and bankwards while keeping the mouse button pressed. The majority of controls in the cockpit follow a similar logic, mimicing the movement of the pilot’s hand in the real cockpit.
Great performance
Despite all the detail in both apperance and simulation, the Lockheed Vega performs exceptionally well, even on low-end computers.
The Lockheed Vega 5C currently comes in six different liveries:

  • Lockheed factory default livery (NC-14236)
  • Fictional Wing42 livery (NC-5542)
  • Shell No.7 livery (NC-13705)
  • Braniff Airways livery (NC-8495)
  • Green “military” paintjob
  • Jimmy Mattern’s “Eagle” (NR-869-E)

Source : Wing42 : Vega Product Page