Black Marble NG released !!!!

Chris Bell Designs have announced via a press release the news of the release of their latest product,  Black Marble NG.

They are currently offering a 4 July discount available till the 9th July. Check out on their site : Black Marble Website click link below Banner.

Link to Product Page : Here

Here is the release news from their community forum. We quote:

Chris Bell Designs are exited to announce our release of Black Marble Next Generation,
with the release of Prepar3D v4.3 it is now possible to push the boundaries even further, Black Marble will now be referred to as Black Marble NG as in Next Generation, with a new look, a new feel and amazing night views like never before, seen for miles and miles, as far as your eye can see, more lights, more colors, all with native sim controls, you can even make changes on the fly to NG lighting system through sim vegetation density slider you can adjust light density, BMM was also amended with wide array of new profiles to fit virtually any condition out of the box,

Under your program menu Programs menu > CreativeDesignStudios > Black Marble NG – Base > Black Marble NG Control Panel (early development release atm) this is different from BMM (which manages and configures worldwide roads and night time lighting profiles) the manager is not fancy (yet!) will mature and grow with time to offer many more options, there’s no more need to uninstall or reinstall after  platform updates, we added some basic first aid functions here which we will expand on further, as you can see we can repair any issues in 2 minutes, we can refresh sim indexes as well as flush DirectX cache, and the one surprise everyone been waiting for; even though no one knows about it yet, its the nest thing everyone will talk about and use at night, meet our special Night Boost!!! with Night Boost activated we can now push even more during night flights than ever before; one click activates while unchecked deactivates Night Boost,


(note with the exception of Night Boost all other functions do not have persistent checkbox) we posted all new installers for all our existing Black Marble customers with the new NG tag, (currently only Prepar3D v4 installer were posted while other platforms still uploading) this is a seamless upgrade to all our loyal customers ❤️  log in to your shop account where you will find the new NG installers posted to your account, (title doesn’t reflect NG yet but the download should be with NG in the file name)

BlackMarble NG Control Panel v1.0.0 (included with Base installer)

BlackMarble NG Base v1.0.0 Installer

BlackMarble NG Vector v1.0.0 / for 3D Bridges Installer

BlackMarble NG 3D Bridges v1.0.0 Installer

BlackMarble NG Traffic Pack v1.0.0 Installer

(yes you see correctly, no more patches needed from here on!!!)

Black Marble Next Generation all our  Vector data is now rendered with the highest real world fidelity, this means roads are the real width of real world roads with matching bridges and traffic flow,  all data is now perfectly rendered with 1:1 real world fidelity for the most accurate road network replication possible in sim, with Black marble NG worldwide road network not only you get cars with volumetric lighting for even more twinkling light views; you can follow roads and practice real world VFR navigation anywhere on the globe with car traffic flowing all around you day or night, all you will be missing is Stargazer to complete the night sky with yet another exciting layer that makes the night absolutely sublime, i will dare to say that now With Black Marble Next Generation we have a much superior road network with night lighting than XPlane ever had! watch the video below and you’ll understand what Stargazer does in combination with Black Marble NG and why we dare to compare :o with our new features night flying will never be the same, we defy the laws of nature and redefined a new  standards in sim night flying!

Meet the new standards in Night Flying – Black Marble Next Generation! (NG)

the new installer are “intelligent installers”; they will not allow install or uninstall in the wrong order, if you run any Orbx titles please follow instruction posted here for disabling duplicated features in FTX Central, everything is completely new and different now, you will need to uninstall everything old BM related and run the new Black Marble NG installers, there’s no more patches or anything to deal with beside unchecking few orbx entries in FTX Central if you run Orbx, with NG everything is configured automatically now based on your system configuration,

Black Marble NG is a more advance and complex than the previous generation,