Chris Bell : Creative Design Studios : 50% Off Sale !!!

Advised via an email is the news of Chris Bell Creative Design Studios having a 50% sale on all their current range of FS enhancing products. Here is some info o the products available !!! We quote:

For a limited time (Promo ends 24/09/2018) when checking out use Coupon code BIGSALE to get a whopping 50% OFF on your entire cart!

(do not forget to hit “apply coupon” before checking out!!! if the button remains grayed after you paste the coupon code in place;
add a space in the end of the coupon code and backspace again this should make the button pop up and available to apply coupon code)

Big End of Summer Sale!!!

Black Marble Next Generation  (BMNG)

accurate worldwide vector based road network covering every road in the world (with Vector pack) day or night,
with accurate worldwide road network; we also include the best in industry night lighting system for the best and most accurate night footprint,
the data we use and present in sim is suitable for VFR navigation even in real world training,
Project page:

brings in accurate real world star positions; you can select multiple level of star depth to present during your session(
the video below is showing MAG12 active with BMNG),
Project page:

Black Marble NG (on the ground) with Stargazer garnishing the Sky

Night Environment
a custom made night layer for use with Photoreal set or as a regional standalone lightmap layer,
Project page:
Click to Watch the clip on YouTube!

Blue Marble
is a replacement for Sim native high altitude textures (no it doesn’t replace Orbx textures)
we have two variation of Blue Marble the first is a direct replacment as far as dimention goes for the current textures,
Blue Marble NG is the higher resolution of the same textures,

Project page

the first few seconds you can see the current globe and high resolution texture sim has before we blend over our new texture,
note the 12 seasons changes as well as our custom night layer texture,

Click to Watch the clip on YouTube!

Source: Chris Bell Creative Design Studios eMail