RCS North American B-25J RAF MkII FSX native!! Freeware!!!

Posted on the SOH forums by contributor ‘Postbaer61′ is the news of the release of his native “freeware” version of ‘Roy Chaffin’s’ North American B-25J RAF MkII.

Converted to native FSX by ‘Bluebear’ and authorized for release by the original designer ‘Roy Chaffin’ whom unfortunately suffered a serious accident to his neck from which he is currently recovering (FSPilot Wishes him all the best for a speedy and full recovery).

This model has some tweaks from the original version to improve its use in P3D. It’s available on the SOH forums download board. Here is what ‘Postbaer61’ commented in his post on SOH forums : We quote-

I’m glad to announce,
That i get after a long time of hope, an answer from Roy Chaffin, who let me know that he has no objection to the publication of his B-25J MKII ,which I have converted to fsx native format.

Sadly i have to report, that Roy had a bad fall and broke his neck Nov2017. After two major operations, he makes a painful and slow process through, to learn to re-use his hands and legs.

I wish him all the power he needs, to get back into better healthy conditions. I’m very grateful to him and wish him the best for a speedy recovery.

The B-25J MKII is now in a FSX native format and will work nicely in P3D4+.
I have also get the permission from Philippe Wallaert, to use his XML gauges panel, which brings the 64bit compatibility with P3D4+.
My thanks goes also to him.


Source : SOH Forums