Official & Exclusive : Flyinside Flight Simulator to be released Friday !!!!!

We have exclusive, official, and authorized information that the new flight simulator that has been in the wings for way over two years is expected to be released this Friday !!!!

Flyinside co-founder Laurent Dutron has officially granted us permission to make it public knowledge.

This new simulator will be an ongoing growth, similar to the way that P3D was released. Scenery areas features etc. will continue to be developed and enhanced, but the developers now believe it to be ready for public initial use with sufficient content as to draw the FS enthusiasts attention.

Initially it will be released in a basic edition with all updates to the base engine etc. thereafter being free for the initial purchasers. There will be a period when the contributors of the kickstarter project that Flyinside did 3 years ago to help finance the development will be able to get a discounted price. Here are details of the proposed packaging and pricing: (We quote from info from Laurent Dutron)

“For a certain period of time (until the end of October or maybe a little longer) the sim will be an early basic release and therefore there will ┬ábe 3 different prices: around USD $20 for our historical Kick-Starter financial backers, around USD $25 for the existing FlyInside clients (any products) and around USD $30 for all new clients.

Then there will be only one price that will increase as we update/upgrade the Sim. The price increase will not affect the owners of the early release sim and they will enjoy the updates/upgrades for free, only new buyers will pay the increased price.”

For sure initially the sim will have its issues with its continued development as did P3D, though for the price and what we’ve seen so far, we believe that if the third party add-on developers start to release their products for this new sim in the way they have for P3D, then this could be a very good platform for the future of Flight Simulation.

We hope to post more info / screens etc. later today.

Their website don’t not yet show the current state of the simulator so if you visit their site it is the sim as at January 2018.

Below is the Promo video of January 2018. A new one will be released shortly and will be posted on this site.