Milton Shupe : FSX Native Lockheed Lodestar Series

Milton Shupe over on the sOH forums has announced the FSX Native Lockheed Lodestar Series.  Here is what he had to say, we quote:

More screens via the source link.

Just FYI, we have this one in progress. Most of the models conversions work is done and work is starting on updating the textures to support new alphas, and specs/bumps.

Not sure what liveries we will include aside from the original ones.
I would be happy to include updates for the excellent liveries done by some of the add-on artists contributors if they have the time to update and test their Lodestar liveries.

Here are some of the ones I have (actually have many more).

Some of these artists are Wellis, Firekitten, Mark Rogers, Willy McCoy, Manuele Villa, Martial FERON, Stuart Cox, Andre Reimers, (the late) Maarten Brouwer (we will convert Martin’s work).

If we cannot contact the artists or get permissions, we will not include their updated textures, but will include the originally released packaged textures.

Looking forward to this freeware release!

Source : SOH Forum Post