Aeroplane Heaven :  Fairchild C-119 SP available

AH have released an SP for the Fairchild C-119 they recently released.

Here are the details: We quote

Fairchild C-119 “The Flying Boxcar”


We have uploaded this SP but we have no control over when it will be available from the different vendors. Please be patient and it will be available as soon as they publish. Not all vendors work the weekend so it might not be until Monday or Tuesday for some. If you have bought from us, you can download now.

The purpose of this Service Pack is to address various issues and bugs identified by customers and ourselves. It also adds some improvements over the original models and provides compatibility with the all-new Prepar3D V4.4.

Firstly the bug-fixes:

1) See-through floor in cockpit (from outside) fixed.
2) Cockpit glazing reflectivity and density improved for P3D.
3) Co-Pilot Airspeed Indicator working.

Additions and improvements

1) Reflective shine models are now included for those who prefer their aluminum highly polished. These models can be selected from the chooser in the sim.In P3DV4+ models display “Dynamic” reflectivity.
2) An Outside Air Temperature (OAT) gauge has been added to the cockpit, on the Main Panel
3) Fuel Burn/Flow has been adjusted to provide a more realistic economy rate.

These adjustments and improvements have been incorporated into a full build. To take advantage of this Service Pack, just download the C-119 package again, from us or your vendor’s download site. Run the installer and ALLOW OVERWRITES.

This Service Pack includes and supercedes all previous Hot-Fixes and Patches.

Source : SOH Forum Post