Freeware : FSX Native AVRO PWS-18

Reported via the SOH forums and downloadable from the SOH download library is the AVRO PWS-18.

Source : SOH Forum post

Here is what was stated in the post and screens from the download package:- We quote –

FSX_NATIVE_AVRO_PWS-18 By Nigel Richards & Team

3 models, 6 texture liveries, custom panel, custom Wright (AVIA) J-5b sound-set.

In 1934, the Polish government, looking for an intermediate military trainer, bought two Avro Tutor trainer aircraft together with a license to produce the aircraft. Production was ordered in the PWS (Podlaska Wytwornia Samolotow – Podlasie Aircraft Factory). In 1935, Antoni Uszacki of the PWS modified the design, fitting it with a Wright Whirlwind engine, produced under license in Poland. The new engine cowling was much longer than the previous Townend ring type, with a carburetor air intake below it. The wing construction was changed from metal to wooden, better fitted to PWS capabilities, and the rectangular wing tips were rounded. Also some other details were changed, such as a tail-skid instead of a tail-wheel.

Models/Textures/Sounds by Nigel Richards
Custom Flight Models/files by James Banks, Milton Shupe, Pete Collis, Keith Paine
Gauges by Roman Stoviak, Nigel Richards, Keith Paine