Aeronca 2 PACK WIP

Shown over on the SOH forums are these latest screens of CR1’s New Aeronca 2 PACK. Here is what they had to say, we quote:

This is the deluxe pack of the Aeronca Champ Series.
New air file.
New liveries.
New High Def sounds.
New gauges.
I also put the model through 3D MAX 2019 and Maya 2019 for a major poly fix and new model render and material fix.
New glass model with real looking glass effect.
Set the mdl up with a entry in the code so it will recognize 34 bit and 64 bit separately and render it self accordingly.
So now it runs flawlessly in all versions of FSX and ALL versions of 3d prepared even 4.4.
I remapped the texture files on this but kept them exactly the same so you guys could port your already made liveries that you guys have designed for the standard pack. So just drop them in and re-edit the top of the air config file and fly.
New paint kit too and it is easier to deal with as it comes with separate psd’s for your awesome paints out there!
Super high def sounds added in as well.

This is a separate add on from the Standard pack. The standard pack is the one on my site now. This will release later on.

I will show you more as I get more done on it.
It will release on the new web site.

Here are a few pictures of one of the new liveries.