Just Flight : VC10 Pro to V1.22

Advised via a press release is the news of an important update for their recently released VC10 Pro : Here are a list of fixes incorporated, we quote:

V1.22 update details:

  • Main-deck fuel tanks removed from C1K exterior model
  • 2D pop-up panel added for door control
  • AC and DC systems logic – fixed
  • Standby TRU indications – fixed
  • Ground power available light logic – fixed
  • Generator frequency shows 400Hz with the generator control relay tripped – fixed
  • Ground Power Breaker trip logic – fixed
  • Main DC Supply FAIL light – fixed
  • Split System Breaker MI logic inverted – fixed
  • Fuel contents over-reading – fixed
  • Fuel Contents gauges ghost image – fixed
  • Taxi/landing lights illuminating cockpit – fixed
  • ADI computer flag warning – fixed
  • ‘Ready to fly’ panel state failing to start engine 4 – fixed
  • Engine number markings on HP Cocks are difficult to read – fixed
  • Engine P7 Indications incorrect shutdown and idle – fixed
  • Navigators DME display tool-tip – fixed
  • Hydraulic panel warning light colour – fixed
  • Engine fire handles have no effect on fuel, hydraulics or anti-ice systems – fixed
  • Fuel used indication 1000s and 10000s digits – fixed