Justflight : Latest Tomahawk WIP

Posted on their Facebook page Justflight have included latest internal/external shots of this little puppy. They say its the most detailed model of a GA aircraft that they have done to date. If you check out the shots they could well be right.

Here is what they had to say plus the shots :

The PA-38 Tomahawk (for P3D/FSX and then X-Plane) is set to be our most detailed light aircraft yet, with incredible surface detail such as the poorly-fitting engine cowling, red vinyl seats and worn yokes being reproduced using a combination of intricate modelling and PBR materials.

Inside the cockpit we have included the exact avionics fit of our research aircraft, with upgraded radios and transponder, and the option to use the Flight1 GTN and GNS units.

Development work on the modelling and coding is nearing completion, and new in-development screenshots are now on the product page showing the avionics functionality and the varied selection of liveries that will be included. Here are just a few of those screenshots with initial release not too far away…

Source : JF Facebook Page