Freeware : Messerschmitt Bf109 B1 for FSX

News posted on the SOH forums of the release of an FS9 to FSX conversion (Not FSX Native) though turned out very nice indeed aftyer its conversion. Here is what the contributor ‘Shessi’ wrote. Link to forum page HERE which has download link. We quote :-

Just uploaded the FSX compatible version of the 109B1 I did for Fs9/CFS2. AF Scrub kindly offered to do the ‘leg work’, and convert it to FSX…so thanks to him for that. No, before anyone asks it’s not a native model lol.

Looks good in FSX and handles beautifully. With working slats, animated pilots head, cooler duct etc. With four textures, and Huub is doing some nice paints for the Fs9 model, which will of course work well in FSX.

The model will be ok in P3D, but I’m not sure if the
textures work correctly.