AH: DC3 WIP : Updated

Since posting the news snippet below on 5th September, AH have posted details of how this product will be developed, plus more screens showing PBR in P3D. After the two screens below is the long list detailing their plans plus further screens.

Aeroplane Heaven via their Facebook Page have posted these two in sim shots of the current state of the WIP for their upcoming DC3 product. A Shiny Dak can’t get much better. One to keep an eye on. Source : Here

Here are the details : We quote

We thought it might be time for us to publish a major update on the C-47/DC-3 package.
It’s been nearly 10 years since we produced a “Dak” and as this aeroplane is one of our personal, firm favorites we want to do it justice.

So, here are the specifications, as of today’s date. They may change a little as we get closer to release but this should give
an idea of the scope of this project.

Aeroplane Heaven Douglas C-47 Skytrain/ DC-3 Dakota Specifications

Exterior models:

C-47 Skytrain with droppable paratroops
DC-3 Pratt&Whitney engined, left passenger door
DC-3 Pratt&Whitney engined, Cargo/Passenger doors
DC-3 Wright Cyclone engined, right passenger door

Highly accurate, fully detailed models with many working animations.
Exceptionally high detail, authentic 3D modeled engines complete with individual cylinder fins, valve gear, spark plugs and leads etc.
High Definition modeling including detail down to opening telescopic battery doors, batteries and compartments
Passenger versions have detailed galley areas including tea and coffee urns, crockery, teapots and coffee pots!
Full PBR (Physical Based Rendering) texturing of the entire exteriors and detailed components like landing gear, tires etc.
Texture techniques allow for dull,natural and highly polished alloy surfaces and paint.
Realistic animated flight crew and static ground personnel.
Support vehicle, chocks, pre-flight flags etc.

C-47 has a (optional) fully-modeled compliment of paratroops in realistic pose and 18 droppable parachutists

Interior models:

C-47 military-style cockpit with detailed fittings, and controls.
DC-3 civilian style cockpit with detailed fittings and controls.
The DC-3 civilian version is fitted with Flight 1 GNS and REX WX integration in hidden compartment.
The C-47 cockpit will have provision for “modern” avionics, concealed behind the working Sperry Gyro-pilot panel.

Highly accurate and beautifully modeled controls and equipment as per the real cockpit.
Instruments have “3D paint” faces and are equipped with 3D modeled needles complete with pivot pins!
Realistic starting is modeled with “Sart/Mesh” combination switches. “15-blade” starts are possible.
All hydraulic and pressurized equipment is modeled and fully functional.
Correct actions for throttles, mixture (gated) and prop levers.
Full PBR materials and textures throughout the entire cockpit.

C-47 has a full paratroop cabin with paratroops preparing for a drop.(optional)

DC-3 has cockpit ONLY

Flight dynamics are authored by some of the best in the business and are very accurate to the real machines.
Which means they are challenging.

Sounds are authentic and dynamic, sourced from real aircraft starts and running.

We have yet to lock down the final release configuration but it is highly likely that the C-47 will be released separately to the DC-3.

Each will have multiple international liveries included in the base packs and we will also be issuing livery packs as follows:

The Warbirds

“That’s all Brother” The ship that led the armada on D-Day June 6th 1944
A typical camouflage scheme from wartime RAF
Royal Air Force Transport Command
Royal New Zealand Air Force
Royal Australian Air Force
Bolivian Air Force
French Red Cross
Royal Canadian Air Force
Norwegian Air Force

The Americans

Braniff Airways
Lae Central Airways
Air New England

The Silver Birds

American Airlines
Delta Airlines
Trans Texas Airlines
Eastern Airlines
United Airlines

The British

British United
Dan Air
Derby Airways
British European Airways
British Overseas Airways
Aer Lingus
Air Anglia

The Europeans

Transair Sweden
Air France
Olympic Airways

The South Americans

There’s a wealth of colorful schemes we can choose from and we have yet to finalize the choice.

However, a few could be:

El Venado
Columbian Petrol co.
Sadelca (restored “silver bird”

As we have indicated, some of the above will be included in the base packs. We will advise the final list when we are ready to release.

So far there are 49 liveries. Most of which are still to be painted. Please don’t ask when this product will be released
as, as you can see there is a mountain of work still ahead. We are going as fast as we can but PBR is not a quick process and requires a lot of patience and time to get right.

We’ll have more news soon.

The additional Screens