Avia 57 FSX Native About Ready

Posted on the SOH forums is the news from Milton Shupe that the Avia 57 FSX Native is almost ready for release. If his teams previous releases are anything to go by then this should very good quality for a freeware product. Here’s what he wrote plus some of the screens he posted. We quote:

“Model, textures, animations, etc converted and looking great. Will be focusing on a “new and improved” flight model with Magoo for next phase, and then a beta to follow.

This Avia 57 IMO was a Nigel masterpiece with two sound sets, interior, and exterior textures including some gauge bmp improvements.
There will be nine liveries for this release. All this work of course was done for the original project release but is further embellished by FSX/P3D native rendering.

Nigel’s contributions made this aircraft a must-have for the hangar.

Hats off as well to Magoo for putting the polish on the flight model, and it gets even better for FSX Native and P3D.

Once again, thanks to all the original contributors who made this possible, all documented in the readme.”

Original post over on the SOH forums HERE