UK2000 Bristol 2019HD Released

Sorry for slightly late posting of this news item, I missed the press release in my inbox. Still better late than never. UK2000 have released UK2000 Bristol 2019HD for FSX, P3D & X-plane. Here is what the press release stated and the screens provided. We quote :

“UK2000 Scenery announces the release of UK2000 Bristol 2019HD for Prepar3D, FSX and Xplane (xplane version due Mid December). UK2000 Scenery has gone ‘HD’ and ‘PBR’ (Not FSX version). We have been hard at work making a new workflow, textures and tools to insure UK2000 scenery can continue to improve it’s airport products. The goal was to increase texture resolutions and model details to take advantage of modern graphics card capabilities and new flights sim shaders. New and updated airports will be aimed at the latest Prepar3D and Xplane versions, but will continue to created FSX scenery for now (but may change). Bristol is the next product made with this new system that includes realistic and accurate ground markings, detailed photo-real models and textures, details airport vechicle and ‘clutter’, P3DV4 Dynamic lighting, replacement runway and approach lightng system. The Scenery is compatible with default, Generation-X, FTX Global,FTX England and Orbx True Earth users.

The Prepar3D version is compatible with V2,V3 and P3DV4.5 (PBR version). The installer takes care of which files to use for your perticualr sim. Priced is just £18.48, one price for all 3 major sim types. “

For more details and screenshots, please see webpage Bristol 2019HD