FS2Crew : Updates and New product news

Over on the FS2Crew Facebook page is the following info re : product updates and new releases for 2020 : Source : HERE: We quote:-

New Software Updates:

** PMDG 737 NGX-U version of FS2Crew updated to Version 1.2!

This is a significant update and all NGX-U pilots should install it.
Change Log is in the FS2Crew forum.

** FS2Crew Aerosoft Airbus Pro updated to V3.6.

To obtain the updates, login to your FS2Crew account and click “Completed Orders”.

Re-download and re-install.

The updates are built into the main installers only.

New FS2Crew Products for 2020!!!!

We’re currently in the early stages of development for the Aerosoft CRJ and Quality Wings 787.

Both are awesome, study level aircraft that deserve the FS2Crew treatment!