Carenado : Citation XL560 now V1.1

Carenado have advised that their Cessna Citation XL560 has been upgraded to V1.1 with the following changes. We quote –


-Added exterior PBR textures.

-Corrected external flap position.
-Improved nosewheel steering sensitivity.
-Corrected speedbrake efficency.
-Fixed 2D to 3D panel coherence including knob animation and information display.
-Fixed GTN NAV issues.
-Corrected APU starting logic.
-Corrected annunciator logic.
-Corrected Primus 1000 logic
-Added altitude trend vector to PFD.
-Corrected Flight Director.
-Implemented right click to rotate knobs at greater increments (HDG, CRS & ALT).
-Fixed Cabin tables folding animation.
-Fixed ADF radio tune in virtual cockpit.
-Fixed landing light’s effect inside the cockpit.
-Other minor bug fixes.