I thought my times of Win 10 update and tech issues were long over and then Wham!. Saturday my computer did a Win 10 update and all went pear shaped. Windows was loading corrupted and constantly entering into some type of safe mode where nothing old was working. Searched the net tried a huge list of fixes nothing worked. So I got rather *&ยจ@#! and looked at going for the roll back, that failed too, with various fatal errors.

So eventually I went for the full reinstall and that also went *$%&#@ saying my key or system did not match.

Eventually had to format the main drive install win 8.1 pro that came with my PC and do the long road of getting the update to win 10 which I thought didn’t exist for free any more. I did find a site that had very useful info on that subject and it does still exist as long as you have a original bought serial. SO I am at the stage now of rebuilding my system and have to load in loads of FS stuff and other software.

I am using my wife’s laptop to post this news.

I think I should be back to normal if that really exists by the end of next weekend as I can only do this after work as this site is rather a hobby than a life sustaining part thereof .

Please be patient and for the return to normality and be careful of Win 10’s latest update. Its been causing issues for many.