Control-ezy : Pucara Released

Control-ezy a new wing of Aeroplane Heaven have released their first product in the Control-ezy range, namely the FMA IA58 Pucará. So what is Control-ezy ! (We quote from their website) :-

Well, Control-Ezy allows you to get up and flying and having fun as soon as possible. There are no long and complicated routines to follow. For example, you literally hold down the control key on your keyboard and then the E key to start an engine. Control-Ezy allows us to still make for FSX and also make a far more diverse range of subjects and subjects with less than optimal reference.

The cockpit of a Control-Ezy development is a 3d representation of the old 2d panel from previous simulator generations. Look down or behind you or to the left/right you will see nothing as only the front facing part of the cockpit has been modeled and textured. A camera view will be present that is locked off and even if you should use the hat switch on your joystick it will not move. There are systems but the cockpit is set up to have clickable switches which will be detailed in the brochure/manual/pamphlett. These are 3d switches using common keyboard combinations like CTRL+E or CTRL+SHIFT+F4 etc. If the subject has a specific system that is easy to use and easy to implement then it will be added.

If there is enough interest ( and reference ) for the subject then there is a chance that a full depth version will be developed under Aeroplane Heaven. This will have all the bells and whistles ( and required manual reading ! ) that an Aeroplane Heaven release has.

Here are some screens of the product and this is the link to the product page : HERE